Las Vegas Escorts

While prostitution is illegal in nearly every corner of the United States (including Las Vegas and Reno), Nevada is the only state that partially permits legal prostitution. In Sin City, there are many male and female escort services available and can include in-room strip shows or out-on-the-town company.

To get a feel for what a certain dollar amount can get someone seeking escort services, we averaged 277 images of Las Vegas escorts using face-morphing software and organized them by price point. Check it out below.  

Man of the Hour

The Average Face of a Male Las Vegas Escort

While you may imagine a woman when thinking about escort services, male escorts are also in demand. Whether a client is looking for a personal strip show, a nude butler, or a fancy date out on the Vegas Strip, these escort services cater to the needs of men and women who call on them.

Male beauty is not only affected by our personal preferences but is also shaped by our culture – with certain ideals having greater influence because of where we live and how men are portrayed in the media. As the price point for an escort increases, each man's features become more refined and model-like. It's also important to note that the men become lighter skinned as services become more expensive.

Other differences include the lips, which become fuller as the dollar amount goes up. The eyebrows are more defined, while the hair is lighter. Male escorts charging more than $500 an hour seemingly wear nicer clothing as well.

Woman of the Hour

The average face of a female Las Vegas Escort

While men are certainly held to beauty standards, women typically feel more pressure to uphold them. What defines beauty also depends on where you're from – some women from around the world think beauty and confidence go hand-in-hand. Others feel that it's more of a state of being.

When looking at the women in our composite comparison, the most expensive female escort seems to have more refined features, similar to how the men stacked up. She also has lighter skin and looks much younger than the woman charging $10 to $99 per hour for her services.

Another Woman of the Hour

The average face of a Las Vegas transgender escort

The average face of a transgender female escort mirrors that of male and female escorts. Those who fetch top dollars look professionally made-up, while the less expensive escorts have somewhat plain hairstyles. However, the transgender woman who charges between $250 and $499 an hour has the lightest skin. Interestingly, the most expensive escort has the darkest skin.

Las Vegas Escorts Compared (Flipbook)

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“What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”

While prostitution is illegal in the more populated areas of Nevada, including the city of Las Vegas, there is still a healthy interest in male, female, and transgender escort services. Some services do say that if something romantic takes place, it's legal (contracts and compensation for sex are strictly prohibited where prostitution is illegal), though. As the old saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” (as long as you obey the law).


We gathered photos of 95 male, 105 female, and 77 female transgender Las Vegas escorts and used face-morphing software to determine the average facial features of escorts in each price point. Note: We excluded male transgender escorts due to overall lack of available images.

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