Canada's Top Blackberry Online Casino Games 2017

Blackberry CasinosBlackberry spearheaded the smartphone revolution in its day and quickly became the mobile phone of choice with office workers and organisations in Canada and the world over. That was until the iPhone came along and quickly claimed the smartphone crown. But blackberry didn't disappear entirely and today smarter evolutions in technology, bigger screen sizes and slicker operating systems have made this smartphone an underdog contender when it comes to mobile gaming on the go in an online casino.

So long as you have one of the new generation blackberry handsets there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to access an online casino on BlackBerry while on the move in Canada. All it takes is access to the internet and every mobile Blackberry online casino available on the web is instantly at your disposal. The screen resolutions on the new Blackberry models make this an ideal handset for being able to enjoy all the features of your favourite online Blackberry casino games and bet with real money safely no matter where you log on to play. Our sites offer:

  • Access to every available online Blackberry casino website
  • Bet with real money while staying safe online in Canada
  • Immediate Blackberry casino online access without the need to download apps

Enjoy the Latest Gaming Technology on Mobile

Safe Blackberry CasinosRecent advances in Blackberry’s operating technology have brought the experience of using online casinos for Canadian players on leaps and bounds. While, compared to similar smartphones, the Blackberry still lags slightly behind (particularly in terms of dedicated online casino BlackBerry apps of which there are very few available) there's still no denying that new generations of the Blackberry device have greatly improved on the online capabilities of their predecessors.

What the Blackberry lacks in online casino apps, it more than makes up for in terms of gameplay. When it comes to accessing Blackberry online casino sites, it's refreshingly easy to navigate, which is crucial when you're dealing with a mobile screen size a fraction of that of a standard desktop computer. Let's not forget, online casinos were originally designed with large monitors in mind, so being able to play effectively on a reduced size smartphone screen is a big tick in the Blackberry’s favour.

Recent advances in BlackBerry's operating technology have brought the experience of using online casinos for Canadian players on leaps and bounds.

Mobile Games Have Their Benefits

The beauty of playing on a mobile site versus downloading an app is the immediacy it affords. Rather than having to wait for downloads to complete, using a web based casino means you can log on and play instantly in seconds. Blackberry is perfect for Canadian players whose time is of the essence and who want to fit in a quick spin of the roulette wheel or hand of Texas Hold'em for real money around the demands of busy day-to-day lives.

How The Best Casinos in Canada Should Look to You


Find Your CasinoIf you're unsure of the best Blackberry casinos online to play your favourite games using your blackberry smartphone, our list of the Top Blackberry Casinos for players in Canada will help steer you through the minefield of available sites on offer. Including those to avoid altogether. Unfortunately the rise of mobile gambling has also opened the floodgates for a wave of disreputable mobile online casinos to crop up. Knowing which to side step will help to preserve your online security and leave you free to wager with real money, without worrying about any unwanted repercussions to your personal data.

The sites we rank have all been tried and tested by our expert reviewers who use their time and their own real cash to get to grips with the main features of each site on offer to Canadian players, helping you to play in an online Blackberry casino that's safe, secure and optimized for Blackberry users. We've taken into consideration factors such as the variety of casino games on offer, and the variations of each game itself, as well as rewards, reliability and withdrawal options.

You Can Start Playing Right Away

Each of the sites that makes it onto our short list has scored highly for all of these elements and more, and have been specifically recommended for Canadian players looking to get online with a Blackberry smartphone. We guarantee you won't find a more reliable and informative guide for Canadians anywhere else.


When you sign up to a Canadian online casino for real money and make deposits, you'll have access to generous and ongoing promotion offers. Weekly and monthly cashback offers, double player points, prize giveaways like holidays and cars, and regular deposit bonuses; all of these can be yours as a real-cash player. Real money players at an online casino, Canada based or otherwise, can also take advantage of exclusive free spins on the latest slots as and when they're released.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
99% of Canadian online casinos are fantastic fun to play at, and can be trusted completely. From time to time though, some casinos cause problems. When they do, we let you know straight away and place them on our blacklist.
Slots of Vegas
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
For a guaranteed safe casino online experience jump back to our list of top rated casinos or try our handy casino finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BlackBerrys be used to play at online casinos?

Yes, providing you have access to an internet connection. Even if a site doesn't provide an app for BlackBerry users, all players can still access the site simply by tapping in its address in their BlackBerry's browser.

Which BlackBerry devices are supported?

All BlackBerry devices are supported by Canadian online casinos, providing they have the ability to connect to the internet and have a screen capable of supporting the online casino's graphics. The latter is the case for 99% of newer BlackBerry devices.

How do I get started with a BlackBerry?

To get started at a Canadian online casino, you simply need to sign up with the site, not forgetting to take advantage of the welcome bonus. You can then sign into your account from anywhere, regardless of the device you are using.

Are deposits and withdrawals easy?

Most sites allow deposits and withdrawals to be made both quickly and painlessly when using a BlackBerry, and banking details will usually be saved to make the process as fast as possible. Ensure you're using a trusted network whenever you enter personal details into your device though.

What are the most popular games for BlackBerry users?

As with all other types of players, the most popular games for BlackBerry users are slots, thanks to the huge jackpots they can offer. Table games are also extremely popular though, as is video poker. More and more people are now also starting to play live casino games via their mobile device.

How can I find the top BlackBerry casino apps?

Many Canadian casinos offer BlackBerry apps, although not as many as offer apps for Apple and Android users. To find the best ones, simply look through the reviews of the different Canadian online casinos here on this site.

Are there many differences to playing on a desktop?

There are a few differences, although you'll still have a great experience when playing on a BlackBerry. The biggest is the fact that some games are slightly stripped down versions, in order to work properly on a mobile device. Screen size can also limit some features of specific games.

Is playing on a BlackBerry safe?

Yes, it is completely safe – providing you play at one of the casinos recommended here on this site. Make sure you always use a trusted network though, in order to keep your personal details safe.