One of the best things about playing at an online casino is being able to enjoy a ton of perks and bonuses. If you’re new to online gambling, it’s a good idea to get clued up on the most common types of casino bonuses so you can take full advantage of all the perks.

1. Welcome Bonus

This bonus will be offered to you when you make your first deposit at a casino site. It can be a onetime deal or it can be spread out across multiple deposits.

Most of these bonuses will match your deposit up to a certain percentage. For example, it might give you 100% match deposit of up to $300 across a total of three deposits.

If you cannot afford the maximum amount, you can deposit less and still get a bonus to play with. Just be sure to read any terms and conditions as there will be a wagering requirement that you need to meet.

2. Referral Bonus

There are two types of this bonus. One is for the player who refers another player, and the other is for the player who joins in the action.

The referee will get a bonus from the casino when they mention the referrer. This person will then get a bonus after signing up and making a deposit. It’s literally a win-win.

3. No Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that is usually offered to new players who are not ready to make a deposit, but want to try out playing for real money the casino.

Often these bonuses range from $5-$30. This is the best casino bonus to first try out a site’s software, games, and overall operation.

4. Reload Bonus

Once you have made your first deposit, the casino might stimulate your play with reload bonus offers.

This means for every deposit you make, you’ll get a match bonus of anywhere from 30-100% of your total deposit.

5. Preferred Payment Bonus

This bonus is available on certain payment methods that are, for whatever reason, preferred by the site operator.

Typical payment methods include Skrill and Neteller. With this type of bonus you could pick up anywhere from 2 to 15% in cashback bonuses.

6. Insurance Bonus

Also known as a cashback bonus, this may be available to players who lose a certain amount of money while playing.

7. The Sticky Bonus

This bonus will be a part of your bankroll, but you cannot withdrawal your winnings.

For example, if you deposit $200 and receive $200 and then play and finish with $250, you will only be able to withdrawal $50.

This bonus is often the least favourable to players, which is why many casinos no longer offer it.

Our Favourite Calculator

Not everyone is blessed as a mathematician. If you find yourself struggling to work out percentages and amounts related to your bonus, we highly recommend this online percentage calculator.

It’s super useful and can even be used to work out your bankroll management, bets, and more.