Luck plays a bit part when you gamble, so it’s no surprise that many people use a lucky charm to boost their chances of winning. If you’re after some inspiration, check out the list below.

1. The Fascinus

Ancient Romans firmly believed a fascinus would bring good luck, or at least offer protection from the Evil Eye. They were everywhere. People wore them on necklaces and hung them over their front doors. To them, a divine phallus; to us, a penis with wings.

2. Rabbit’s Foot

It’s a classic. People have believed in the power of a rabbit’s foot from as early as 600 B.C. Depending on where, how and who killed the rabbit, the luck attached to the foot will vary. Something to bear in mind before you take one to the roulette wheel.

3. Alligator’s Teeth

For hundreds of years, ‘gator gnashers have been thought to bring good fortune. We suppose if you’re lucky enough to survive getting those teeth from the animal then the theory is proven.

4. Scarab Beetles

If you’ve ever played Egyptian-themed slots, you’ll probably have seen these critters featured in the design. Scarab beetles were found all across Ancient Egypt and were associated with rebirth and transformation. Seen as a lucky charm, many people wore a scarab beetle amulet or ring for good fortune.

5. Ladders

Although usually associated with bad luck, ladders were actually used in ancient times for protection. The Egyptians used to put ladders in tombs of the dead so the deceased could find their way safely to the Afterlife. Who knows, maybe a ladder charm in your pocket will bring you luck at your next poker game.

6. Three-Legged Toad

In China, the three-legged toad is regarded as an icon of good luck. The ornaments are placed in homes and businesses to warn off bad luck and bring in plenty of money.