There are 100s of casino terms and phrases you might not know about unless you’re a seasoned player. Some are obvious and others are just plain strange.

It’s not essential to master every casino term but it might help to familiarise yourself with the most popular ones.

Action – The total amount of money wagered during a session.

Aggregate Limit – Total payout liability a casino will give in any one game.

Ante – A bet required to begin a hand in card games like poker.

Banker – Usually a dealer, this is a position responsible for taking lost bets and paying winnings.

Bankroll – A sum of money used to gamble with.

Betting Layout – An area of a table where players will place chips and make bets.

Betting Limits – Maximum and minimum stakes allowed in a game.

Bonus – Money given to players by a casino, generally with terms and conditions.

Boxing – Used in horse racing, a single ticket with more than one parlay.

Bug – Slang for joker.

Burn Cards – Cards that are removed from the top of the deck and are not dealt.

Call – Used in poker to match the current bet.

Card Sharp – A person who is considered to be an expert in card games.

Cage – A place to cash in casino chips.

Credit – Used in online casinos for a wager. 1 credit is equal to 1 unit.

Deuce – A value of two in dice.

Double or Nothing – A bet that pays exactly the same amount wagered.

Edge – The advantage a player or house has over an opponent.

Even Money Bet – A bet with 1:1 odds.

Expected Win Rate – A percentage of money players can expect to win over time on slots.

Fish – A player who loses money a lot, typically because of a lack of skill.

Flat Top – A slot machine with a fixed jackpot.

George – Slang for a good tipper.

Hand – The cards you hold.

High Roller – A player who wagers high amounts of money.

Hot – A slot machine that pays out often.

House Edge – The built-in advantage the casino has over players.

Layout – Table markings where bets can be made.

Loyalty Program – A rewards system offered by casinos that is based on player activity.

Multi-hand Game – A game that allows multiple hands at the same time.

Net Winnings – Total payout minus your wager.

Odds – The chance of winning.

Optimal Strategy – The ‘correct’ way to play giving players the best chance of winning.

Overlay – A bet that gives players an edge.

Paint – Any face card.

Pass – Not to bet.

Payline – The line on a slot which the reels must land on to win.

Payout – The amount returned to a player after winning.

Payout Percentage – The total returned to players in the long run.

RNG – Short for a random number generator, which is a computer algorithm that produces random results in a game.

Wagering Requirement – The amount of money you must first wager before you can withdraw your bonus funds.