High rollers at casinos receive a lot of special treatment because the management knows they spend big on the casino floor. So out of all the perks, what are the 10 best things about being a high roller?

1. Complimentary Food and Drinks

One of the obvious perks of being a high roller at casinos is the complimentary food and drinks you get. Happy players spend more money, so ensuring they don’t go hungry or thirsty makes total business sense for the casino. It also goes down well with the players themselves.

2. VIP Gambling Rooms and Tables

High rollers don’t just have to play games with standard buy-ins. Instead, casinos often open VIP gambling rooms and tables for players willing to spend large sums of money, which means access to much larger prize pools.

3. Designated Parking

Have you ever been to a casino and struggled to find parking at or near the venue? It’s a common problem faced by those of us that visit casinos regularly.

If you’re a high roller then the casino will do everything it can to make your visit convenient and enjoyable. That includes reserving special designated parking for you so that getting to and from the casino isn’t an issue.

4. VIP Party Invitations

If you’re smacking down huge sums on each bet at the tables, the casino management will make sure you’re invited to the most exclusive VIP party events. If you’re spending like a king at the tables then it’s no surprise the casino feels you should be treated like one too.

5. Chauffeur-Driven Transportation

Designated parking is one perk we’ve already mentioned but some casinos will go a step further and take the issue of driving away from you altogether. In extreme cases, casinos will even arrange private jets to get their biggest spenders to the casino. Chauffeur-driven transport is more common.

6. Citywide VIP Status

Possessing tickets to VIP events is one thing but being given VIP status across the city in which the casino a high roller is visiting is another. High rollers are often not confined to the casino for their entire stay and want to explore the city they’re staying in. Casinos know giving these players the high roller treatment everywhere will entice them to stay longer and even visit the venue again.

7. Meeting Celebrities

They say never meet your heroes, but casinos ignore that saying. If you’re a high roller and the opportunity arises to meet and greet one of your idols then the casino will move heaven and earth to make it happen.

8. Upgraded Accommodation

This echoes back to what we said about the “comps” high rollers are offered to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. If a high roller is betting exceptionally large sums of money at the tables on the casino floor, then bumping their accommodation up a level or two only seems fair. This will of course be organised by your personal manager…

9. Citywide Discounts

Once again, we talked about citywide VIP status. How’s about throwing in some citywide discounts? Many high rollers get discounts at a range of places and events across the city they’re playing in.

10. VIP Event Tickets

A lot of casino resorts these days are about more than just gambling. They are entertainment complexes offering sports, music, and other entertainment spectacles. As a high roller, you’ll get the best seats in the house with your complimentary VIP tickets to any events.

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