A lot of gamblers also love to travel. The two go hand in hand as they involve the thrill of seeking out something new and unknown. So how to incorporate these two loves in one trip? Go visit one of our top casino destinations around the world.

Whether you want a trip to China, the States or somewhere in Europe, with this list you’ll want to grab your passport and get out there to explore right away.

1. Las Vegas

Probably the most obvious one, right? But with good reason. This resort has a whopping 104 casinos! The possibilities here are literally endless, it’d take you weeks to get through them all.

And gambling’s not all you can do there. Of course the party scene is epic, as is the shopping. Watching the drama of the people that flow in and out of the place is an activity in itself – but still rather passive.

For those seeking adventure you can check out the USA’s tallest observation tower and since you’re right next to the Grand Canyon you’d be a fool to miss that. There’s also the Red Rock Canyon just 17 miles away where you can take an off-road adventure.

This destination really ticks all the boxes!

2. Macau

Asia’s biggest offering to the gambling scene comes in the form of China’s resort, Macau. This former Portuguese colony boasts 38 casinos and with 15% of the local population involved in its industry, you know it’s a big money spinner for them.

A must-see is the House of Dancing Water, which puts on a fabulous spectacle of acrobatics around a 14 million litre pool. Prepare to be amazed and astounded.

To get that insta-worthy snap you’ll need to take a trip to the Coloane Village or Macau’s historic centre. There you’ll find the heritage of the Eurasian fusion in the architecture and beautiful cobbled streets. With colourful buildings and major landmarks, it’s a lesson in art and colonial history.

For on-trend food hit up Taipa village where you’ll find cute shops nestled in amongst Chinese temples. Once a fishing village, it’s now amok with museums. Or if you want a real thrill head to the AJ Hackett Tower for a bunjee jump.

3. Atlantic City

Located just two-hours’ drive from New York City, it’s the perfect day trip if you’re on a city break in the Big Apple. And whilst it’s known as the Vegas of the East Coast there’s so much more to it than that.

Take in the stunning sea view by strolling along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Or maybe you fancy taking the tram from one end to the other. Or, for the more adventurous, head to the old school Steel Pier. Full of theme park rides and classic American food, it’s a firm fave with families.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth you have to check out Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy shop. Around since 1885, they know a thing or two about their trade. Offering all flavours of taffy, plus macaroons and fudge, it’s heaven for the sugar lovers.

There’s the Absecon Lighthouse from 1857 that’s worth a visit and if you hike up the 228 steps you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view. Or for a more materialistic reward, hit up the Tanger outlets where you’ll find all your most lusted after brands at great prices.

4. Baden-Baden

This beautiful culture haven in Germany has a palatial casino, but what it has beyond that is even more of a pull. The scenery is incredible, offering a whole host of outdoor activities such as horse riding, hiking, and skiing.

To get a bit higher than the casino, take Germany’s highest and steepest funicular, the Merker Mountain Railway. Reaching gradients of 54% towards the summit at 2,191 feet you can see for miles – all the way to France and the upper Rhine.

For more views, head to the Hohenbaden Castle. One for the history buffs and art lovers, check out the coat of arms held up by angels on the first floor pillar. Or for more art, head to the Frieder Burder Museum showcasing 1,000 paintings and sculptures.

5. Monaco

Famous for its beautiful casino and the F1 racetrack that snakes through the principality, this is somewhere to go to check out the rich and famous. For great people (and car) watching, head down to the harbour and admire the stunning boats that come in.

For a taste of local life check out the Saint Nicholas Cathedral which is the burial place for Monaco’s royal family. If music’s your thing you can hear the Monaco choir boys sing at 10am on a Sunday morning.

Or for a slice of history, the Prince’s Palace will meet your needs and more. Stunning views across the sea, and the building itself is exquisite. Don’t miss the changing of the guard at 11.55am each day. It’s a hike up those stairs but you’ll be glad you made the effort.

For that much needed peace and quiet you’ll want to visit the Japanese Gardens. Built for Princess Grace who loved Japan, it will take you East. There’s a waterfall, teahouse, and many ponds to help you feel calm and relaxed.

6. London

The capital of the UK has plenty of casinos, 29 in fact, for you to try your luck. But, as we all know, there is much more to London than that.

As well as all the iconic post boxes, double decker buses, and black cabs, there’s a seemingly endless list of attractions to visit.

You can’t come to London and not stop by Buckingham Palace. If the Queen is in, the flag will be flying. The building stands proud and impressive at the top of the Mall and it’s always a treat to watch the changing of the guard at 11am.

To see the crown jewels head over to the Tower of London where you can also glimpse some of the city’s gruesome history. Or a trip to the Globe Theatre to see where Shakespeare first put on his plays.

Continue towards the river to get a look at the Houses of Parliament where all the big discussions that affect the country take place, and you’ll also get up close and personal with Big Ben.

A great way to see the whole city is to hop on the London Eye. The views are incredible (if it’s not too grey!) but not for those who fear heights. It’s a great place to see all of the bridges too, and the boats bobbing along the Thames.

7. Sochi

Not only the Winter Olympics host in 2014 and home to an enormous 2,000-person capacity casino, this resort in Russia offers a whole range of stuff to do. It’s warm all year so, whenever you go, make sure you take a dip in the Black Sea like all the Russian holiday-makers.

Take a trip into Soviet history and marvel at the architecture including Stalin’s summer house and the Winter Palace. Or for some pre-Russian Byzantine style buildings head to the impressive Godlik Fortress and Loo Temple. For those after more culture step into one of the many museums covering art, history and sports.

If you need to escape the buzz of the city take a hike up Mount Akhun and marvel at the view below, hugging the shoreline. There’s also a staggering collection of waterfalls to marvel at in the Lazarevskoe District.

If you want your fish fix head to the Trout Farm where you can learn all about the process of farming fish. Plenty to study here and you can take some home with you, smoked, for dinner.


Wherever your curiosity leads you, make sure you’re armed with the tools on knowing the tipping etiquette in casinos. Our trusty guide means you’ll avoid any embarrassing or awkward moments wherever you play!