Tipping in any walk of life can be a minefield at the best of times. Tipping members of staff at a casino is no different.

This is especially true because there are so many different attitudes outside of Canada. Here’s what to do when tipping in casinos in different countries around the world.

The US

If you’re visiting casinos in the US, it’s worth carrying plenty of cash to tip dealers, table hosts, cocktail servers, ushers and more. Take a bunch of $1 and $20 bills, so you can tip people varying amounts for taking care of you while you gamble.

The general consensus when it comes to tipping dealers in casinos across the US is to tip $5 for every $30 won. If you go with that strategy then you won’t be far wrong. Tip more if your dealer has given you any hints, or you’ve enjoyed their company.


Casinos across Macau took more than $37.6 billion in gaming revenue last year. The casino floors are thriving, and it is now one of the most lucrative casino gaming markets in the world.

Generally speaking, you will not be expected to tip staff in Macau’s casinos. This is because a lot of venues add a 10% service charge to prices. It might not be the amount everybody would tip but at least it takes the stress out of knowing how much you should tip.


Tipping in European casinos is generally considered optional. It is usually seen as a way of showing appreciation for a job well done. It’s not regarded as mandatory.

People can tip in barbers, pubs, or taxis if they feel the service delivered went above and beyond. The case is now the same for casinos. Note that in some places service charge may be added automatically to your bill, such as in London, so check before you leave a double tip!

Dealers at the tables of casinos might receive tips from players at the tables but it’s not frowned upon if a player decides to not tip the dealers. Players may still tip if they feel the dealer has done an exceptional job, displayed excellent customer service, or simply tip using a percentage of a big win.


Although technically included under Europe, the tipping etiquette in place is slightly different. Monaco is a more elegant environment for gambling with a lot more money flying around the tables.

Tipping in Monaco isn’t really addressed openly. It’s felt that players at the casinos spend enough on table buy-ins and entrance fees that tipping dealers and bar staff isn’t necessary. However, if you feel someone did something extra special it is always a nice gesture to tip them.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, tipping in casinos is banned because it is deemed a form of bribery. There is also a general feeling that those working in the tourism and entertainment industries earn enough as a standard wage meaning they don’t need to rely on gratuity payments, unlike in the US.

New Zealand casinos do not prohibit tipping workers but it isn’t really seen as a done thing. Players can feel free to tip a dealer after a win or a member of bar staff for quick service. It’s not expected but it’s appreciated when it’s done.

Now you know everything you need to know about tipping etiquette, make sure you’re familiar with these essential casino terms and phrases.