The movies would have you think that every land casino is a grand, opulent architectural experiment. With gold ceilings and chandeliers and the people dressed in black tie to match. That’s not always the case.

Sure, your local casino will have all your favourite games and you might get lucky there on the regular. But if you’re hungry for that glamour associated with gambling you’ll have to check out one of these luxurious casinos.

We’ve put together a list of the world’s most expensive and fancy casinos, so read on to decide your next trip!

1. Baden-Baden, Germany

If the word glamour could be turned into a building, this is the building it’d be. Steeped in history, Baden-Baden Casino is stunning. It’s the oldest land casino, taking first place on the European scene.

Expect an interior design reminiscent of nostalgic years gone by of the Belle Epoque. It became a haven for the great artists, such as Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and world-class star, Marlene Dietrich.

Set amongst beautiful scenery of the Black Forest and teeming with spas, this makes a luxury visit for any high roller.

2. Baha Mar Casino, The Bahamas        

Set in the gorgeous paradise that is the Bahamas you’re hard pushed to find a reason not to go here. There’s an unbeatable ocean view and free drinks for those playing.

You’ll find over 1,000 slots and 119 live action tables to satisfy all your gaming needs. Plenty of choice for eating and drinking too. Expect to pay around the $10 USD mark for a beer and $10-15USD for a decent liquor.

3. Palm Beach, Mayfair London

If you’re looking for somewhere exclusive then this is your spot. In London’s swankiest area it’s no surprise their door policy is strict, although it’s certainly eased off slightly in recent years.

The casino itself is in the ballroom of the old Mayfair Hotel and the luxurious bars and restaurants are top class.

Cocktails served up by the best mixologists start at £14 and the restaurants serve up exquisite food. You’ll need to dress up if you want to get in.

4. Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

Set in the luxurious and elegant principality, this casino may be one of the first that springs to mind. It’s where those famous scenes of Casino Royale were shot.

Full of high rollers, it’s fairly exclusive. It oozes money and expense, with an impressive array of sports cars decorating the parking lot. With its fabulous location and appearance it’s the perfect spot to people watch.

For a diamond suite with sea view, you’ll need a staggering €6,500 for one night!

5. The Venetian – Macau

The Asian addition and offering of the Venetian franchise in Macau and it doesn’t disappoint. You’ve got 500 tables to play at and around 2,000 slots.

Set across a staggering 546,000 square feet its size just adds to its splendour. With loads of restaurants and bars to choose from, luxury retail options and top-notch entertainment, it’s an incredible experience.

A room there can cost anything from $1,200 to $2,479 – yikes!

6. Sun City – South Africa

What an epic casino, a total must for any serious gambler.

Located just two hours from Johannesburg it’s got it all – top games, fabulous scenery, safari in the neighbouring national park, golf, and a world class water park.

They’ve got four hotels to choose from and provide entertainment every night. The casino itself is grand and opulent, with an exclusive salon privé for those high rollers looking to go big.

7. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

This architectural landmark dominates the skyline in Singapore. A fairly recent addition to the world stage, not opening fully until the beginning of 2011, it’s already making a name for itself.

The casino has every game you’d want offering a mega 2,300 slots and 500 table games.

To bag yourself a Presidential suite you have to email privately, no prices shown online. But it’s a massive 600 square meters and level 50 upwards. Panoramic views and private jacuzzi. Yes please.

8. Park Hyatt Mendoza – Argentina

Set in a stunning 19th Century Spanish colonial building you’ll immediately feel prestigious upon arriving. With a cosy casino offering 24 table games and 647 slots, the focus here is on quality over quantity.

Expect ‘personal touch’ service and make sure you unwind in the spa and outdoor pool.

With beautiful wine on the doorstep you can enjoy some of the region’s finest grapes.

9. Bellagio – Las Vegas

Would a list of luxurious casinos be complete without a nod to the Bellagio? I don’t think so. The setting for Ocean’s Eleven would have to be pretty off the chain, right?

So we all know the gorgeous fountains shooting off outside, but inside it gets even better. With some of the best live entertainment shows on the planet on show here you’ll never be bored.

The casino is epic too – all of your favourite games with top of the range facilities. For the top suite set across 3,001 square meters, you’ll need a spare $1,500 for the night.

So there you have it. Which one will take your fancy first? They all look incredible and it’s guaranteed which ever one you choose, it’ll have you feeling like an A-Lister in no time. If you’re more about the casino’s destination than its glamour, check out our piece on the best holiday destinations for gamblers.