We all love heading down to the casino for a grand night out, playing some games and laughing with friends.

But next time you go into a casino you’ll look at it with new eyes. Here we dish the dirt on everything they don’t want you to know.

1. The house always wins

We all know that, but it kinda feels like a vague warning to soothe ourselves when we lose out. But the truth is, the house always does win. They control the payouts and they will always make sure the odds are in their favour.

2. The ATM machines are the real one-armed bandits

Nowhere is a cash machine more wanted than in a casino. So, what does the casino do? It hikes up the usage fees.

Not only are you probably already spending more than you’d planned (you’re withdrawing!) you’ll have a hefty fee to pay for too.

3. Casinos pump nice smells in the air

With science backing the fact that pleasant aromas, such as lavender, relax us, casinos have cottoned on and put it in their ventilation system along with other scents.

Whether it’s coconut or something else, the aim is to generate a good mood amongst players. If you’re in a good mood, you’ll stay longer, and play more.

4. They make it feel like time stands still

Ever noticed how there are no clocks or windows in a casino? That’s because the casino doesn’t want you to have any concept of time and the outside world.

If you knew you’d been in there seven hours you might be inclined to call it a night and walk out. But if you have no idea what time it is, you’ll just play on.

5. The maze-like layouts are deliberate

If you’ve been in one of the bigger casinos you’ll know what we’re talking about. The layout is deliberately confusing so it’s hard to find your way round, by that we mean out.

This is true even of the smaller ones to be fair. With exciting, shiny things at every turn, any attempts to make an exit are quickly smothered. The toilets are also purposely placed near the back so if you need to go, you will have to resist the temptation to play on the slots as you go past.

6. Free food and drinks make you stay

Freebies are a real incentive for anything, aren’t they? And in the casino it seems great when you’re offered free stuff to eat and drink, brought to you by some pretty server.

In many casinos these freebies are rewards for hitting certain bets or paying for a certain length of time. Knowing this is in place, you’re inclined to play more and longer to get your reward.

7. The light and sound effects make you think you’ll win

The exciting sounds and lighting displays at the electronic games are designed to make you feel like you’re about to win. It draws you in to play as you can’t resist that feeling that this could be your lucky day.

8. Using chips makes you bet more money

When you have casino chips in your hand, they no longer look like the hard-earned cash you came in with. They represent a new, otherworld currency and so you feel like you can play with them. They’re not real. They’re fun and glamorous and so easy to part with, just like in a gentle, harmless game.

9. Cosy lighting

The whole place is made to make you feel comfortable. One major way they do this is by using dim, cosy lighting so you feel like you’re in your living room with your nearest and dearest. If you’re that relaxed and feel that safe, you’ll definitely loosen up and hang around for longer.

10. They’re watching you – always

The cameras in a casino are pretty high end. Security wants to keep a very beady eye on everything that’s going on in case they lose money. The cameras are so good that they can even zoom in on the cards you’re holding.

That’s pretty scary and intense. Not only that, but by watching you they can collect data on human behaviour and how to improve their gaming strategy to keep players there for longer. Freaky, huh?


So, there you have it. Now you’re armed with this knowledge, next time you’re in a casino be on guard to spot these tricks. Knowledge is power, so at least now you’ll be less pulled in by it.