Canada is a country full of top-quality casinos but what about the casinos that don’t quite cut it with their punters? We take a ruthless look at the casino venues across the Canadian landscape to uncover which ones have rubbed customers up the wrong way and why!

10. River Rock Casino Resort

People may love this casino’s offerings, but there are a few discrepancies in the reviews regarding how the venue is managed. Poor Wi-Fi and stinky hallways are just a few negatives about this casino:

“If you enjoy the sensation of a plane about to crash into your hotel room, go ahead and book this place. It is on the final… and I mean final approach to a busy international airport and the planes sound like they are going to crash into the hotel.” – Sagebrush, Kamloops, Canada

“Carpet not vacuumed. Bathroom had hairs on the floor and around the sink. Front of toilet soiled with crusty urine stains.” – Travel1928, Lahaina, Hawaii


9. Rideau Carleton Raceway and Casino

If you like your vomit-inducing buffets and no jackpots being won, then you’ll love it at Rideau Carleton Raceway and Casino.

“We are not picky eaters and yet walked away with very little on our plates. The food was tasteless, the vegetables half cooked. The wait staff was unfriendly and the place is run down. Stay away, almost any place is better than here.” – Yow Trish, Unknown

“Walk around and you will see there are no big winners, they are raking it in to pay for their expansion. No progressive machines. Mickey Mouse games.” – Merrickx, Ottawa, Canada

8. River Cree Resort and Casino

In the grand scheme of things, River Cree Resort and Casino probably isn’t that bad a casino venue. Sadly, you can have all the excellent reviews you want but when people post up a warning about the casino and say that drunks are roaming around feral… Well, there’s a problem.

“I have eaten at a lot of buffets, however, I would have to say this one takes the cake as the absolutely WORST buffet I have ever had.” – John P, Edmonton, Canada

“There was a drunk people wandering around bothering patrons who were trying to watch the show. Personally, I don’t mind having a beer or two once in a while but I don’t think it should be aloud to the point people are totally intoxicated and stumbling around in there and bothering other people who spent money to go see the show and not some drunken idiot wondering around.” – brent60, Fort Mac, Canada

7. Century Casino and Bowling in Calgary

Looking at Century Casino and Bowling at face value you’d be forgiven for thinking it looks like a brilliant venue for gambling. Dig a little deeper and read the reviews then some disconcerting issues rear their ugly heads. The fact one of the more positive reviews figuratively states that nights out here are “always a gamble” tells you everything… unless they’re talking literally and then they’d be right!

“Kind of lonely sort of like when Sissons Swine and Sheep Show was winding down.” – Larry E, Unknown

“Overall average.” – EK G, Calgary, Canada

6. Casino Woodbine

One of the casinos many people won’t be shocked to see on this list is Casino Woodbine. The overall reviews are hardly favorable. Most visitors come away regretting it since the takeover deal:

“It seems they have taken all fun out of going to the casino. Payouts have decreased dramatically.” – Johnnylesscash, Unknown

“Way too many people crammed on one floor. Can’t even get on a blackjack table. Limits are insane. Bunch of morons running the place and have no appreciation for customers.” – Kev S, Unknown

5. Gateway Casino @ Western Fair District

Ontario covers a huge land mass of 917,741 km2 with over a third of the Canadian population residing there. So, if a casino has gained a reputation for being the worst gambling venue in that state then it deserves to be on this list! “Scammers”, “no service”, and “terrible slots” are just some of the comments from customers. Gateway Casino is more like a bar out in the Wild West:

“Never have we been to a casino with such poor paying slots. We understand that you won’t always get a jackpot but the returns (when we got any) were pathetic. I would never go back there for the slots. It was truly the worst casino experience we’ve ever had.” – TrishHenry, Duncan, Canada

“Since Gateway took over payouts are generally small and few and far between, before the take-over people were winning, not now, save your money and don’t go!” – Lonesometraveler64, Saint Thomas, Canada

4. Starlight Casino

When compiling a list of the worst casinos in Canada, it makes absolute sense to include the one that is widely labelled as “the worst casino in Edmonton”. An atmosphere on the casino floor that holds similarities to your gran’s funeral and an apocalyptic buffet combine to give Starlight Casino a damning indictment.

“It’s best if you avoid this casino. The staff is rude, the atmosphere is glum and the service is really slow. Go anywhere but here.” – Candaceun, Sherwood Park, Canada

“I have never experienced such poor quality, lack of imagination, not fresh and just not well-prepared food.” – Lauren W, Edmonton, Canada

3. Treasure Cove Casino

A lot of people probably won’t be surprised to see this casino make the list. It has a name that resembles a ride at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park for starters.

Throw into the mix the fact that customers take exception to the dreadful customer service, plumbing issues (ooh er!), and diabolical food.

“Probably the WORST Casino Customer Service in BC. I have played and lost there many times.” – P3ks, Prince George, Canada

“Tub did not drain properly when I tried to take a shower. I complained at the front desk and nothing was done. Tried to have a bath this evening and now the water won’t drain at all. I’ll be checking out in the morning and moving over to the Sandman. This place is nasty dirty and I shudder to think what is causing the plumbing clog.” – Billy R, Unknown

2. Casino de Montreal

Now, considering it is one of the most renowned casinos in Canada, it seems strange that Casino de Montreal suffers from being on this list. There are undoubtedly many customers that have been here and enjoyed their experience.

It’s just that when comments are made about it being the “worst casino ever” and the “worst buffet on Earth”… well, something has clearly gone wrong. It seems the language barrier is only the tip of the iceberg:

“The dealers/pit bosses were very condescending if you did not speak English. They have no idea of customer service.” – rycckor, Toronto, Canada

“Went for the buffet. The only meat they served (to cut in front of you) was ham… should have walked out!” – Yves D, Montreal, Canada

1. Casino Niagara

The first casino on this list is Casino Niagara, located by one of the great monuments of nature: the Niagara Falls. It’s got to be a tall order to ask a casino venue to wow its customers when it’s got such a spectacular natural sight on its doorstep.

Unfortunately, the public are merciless. Several issues, including poor payouts on the slots and obnoxious security, have been highlighted:

“These are the tightest slots I have ever seen.” – Explorer23601, London, UK

“Security guard was very rude and said he will throw me out, he have no right to do so unless I did something wrong. It all started with my age and I shown my Canadian ID. Why should I say it out when there are strangers behind me and asked him to look into my ID.” – saiponmalar, Toronto, Canada