The key to enjoying gambling is doing so in a responsible manner. We’ve rounded up our top tips from the team to help you keep things fun – and not let the fun control you.

1. Don’t Drink and Gamble

Some people can gamble sensibly after a few drinks. But most players make poor decisions after one too many.

One minute you’re on a roll, making a ton of money on roulette. The next, you’ve lost your entire winnings (and more) because you didn’t have a clear head and made some bad moves.

Enjoy a few drinks while you play but be aware that the more you drink, the hazier things become.

2. Don’t Treat Gambling as an Escape

If you’re not in a good place mentally, avoid using gambling as your escape. Always ensure that when you gamble, you’re doing it because you love it rather than because you’re looking to avoid dealing with something else.

3. Gambling is Money Spent, Not Money Invested

Problems can happen when people chase their losses. The best way to play, be it at a land-based or online casino, is to have the attitude that the money you’re taking to gamble is money already spent.

That way, if you come out of it with nothing then you won’t be disappointed. If you come out of it with a profit then you’re buzzing. Don’t look at the potential winnings and see them as money in your pocket.

4. Set Time Limits, and Stick to Them!

Once you’re in a casino, it’s like you’re sucked into a world of complete comfort where time and reality take a back seat. The best way to combat losing perception of time is to set a time limit.

Decide how much time you want to spend playing, then put an alarm on your phone. When that alarm goes off, it’s time to leave.

5. Manage That Bankroll

It’s vitally important to have good bankroll management. Set yourself a spending limit before you start playing. And stick to it. That way when it runs out, you know it’s time to stop.

Knowing when it’s time to walk away is essential for protecting your bankroll.

6. Leave the Superstitions at the Door!

Some casinos cater for players’ superstitions, such as having certain entrances in a specific location, boasting a décor that brings good luck, and colour schemes that transmit prosperity.

However, realistically, it doesn’t matter if you put one shoe on before the next or avoid the 13th table. Preferring a “lucky table” or wanting to play a “lucky game” is fine. Just don’t take it too seriously to the point that it impacts your enjoyment.

7. Learn the Odds and Rules

Although a lot of gambling relies on lady luck, you can also increase your odds of success by learning about the games you play and understanding how the odds work.

Whatever game you are playing you should always read up on it, especially games such as poker where you can really work hard on perfecting your skills.

8. Only Play With Money You Have

Incurring a debt when gambling can be the first step towards a dark path. We’re not just talking about bank loans, either.

Even a little loan in the form of a $10 from a friend or being overdrawn by $20. The knock-on effects of that can cause a chain reaction to larger sums of money. Make sure that what you are gambling is money that you have.

If you feel you have a gambling problem or are worried about a family member or friend, our page on problem gambling is full of resources and options for help.

9. Don’t Be a Slave to the Gambler’s Fallacy

Ever felt like you’re due for a win because you’re on a losing streak? For example, if you’re at the roulette wheel and red has come up six times in a row, you might think the next one is definitely going to be black. No.

The chance of the ball landing on a black or red section of the wheel remains the same no matter how many times it has previously occurred. Don’t get sucked into the gambler’s fallacy and chase your losses.

10. Don’t Take It Too Seriously!

Finally, gambling is supposed to be fun. If you play within your budget, it’s a great form of entertainment.