Canada's Top Online Casinos for Video Poker 2018

Online Video PokerOnline casino video poker is one of the oldest gambling games out there, but log-in to any Internet CA gaming site today and you'll find dozens of games still running. We've found the best sites out there for an all-round quality casino experience, and in particular we place Jackpot City at #1 for its Video Poker games.

At the best Internet CA casinos you'll find a range of games with different rules, stakes and payouts, but the aim is the same: make the best poker hand possible and rake in the real cash.

It can be a minefield out there finding the top Canadian video poker sites, but with on the case, that hunt just got a whole lot easier.

  • Online video poker is available at all good CA casinos
  • Enjoy lots of poker variants with big jackpots
  • Games are eligible towards huge welcome bonuses.

How Video Poker Works

While games vary, the goal is generally the same in CA online video poker games: set a stake, draw five cards, and exchange (draw) or hold cards in order to make the best possible 5-card poker hand.

The 'Deal' button starts the new hand, and clicking on the cards with the mouse will 'Hold' them in place while the others are changed.

Once the hand is over, the casino site will pay out your winnings, as long as you've achieved the minimum qualifying hand.

Understanding the Payouts

The most basic form of Internet video casino poker is Jacks or Better, where the lowest qualifying hand for a win is a pair of jacks.

In that game, two jacks may pay out around 5 coins, with two-pairs paying 10 coins, three-of-a-kind 15 coins, a straight 20 coins, and so on. For a Royal Flush (10-J-Q-K-A in the same suit) you can expect around a 4,000-coin jackpot, but games vary.

Don't worry about remembering different payouts: most online video poker casino games display the payouts at the top of the game screen.

Great Games and Variants

There are almost as many video poker web variants as there are Internet CA casinos.

As with video slots, where a land-based casino in Canada may offer a handful of video poker variants, an Internet casino will offer dozens.

Joker Poker, or Double Joker Poker, will have wild cards in the form of jokers that can substitute for all cards. Deuces Wild, meanwhile, makes all twos wild to help you form winning hands.

At a solid CA online casino, video poker variations offering four lines of action at the same time are standard. Plan your bets well and you could be raking in some juicy jackpots.

And finally, the beauty of online gambling is that you can take advantage of great progressive jackpots where prizes are linked across machines and casinos. It's not uncommon for Canadian online casino players to bag themselves million-dollar prizes by taking down the progressives.

Grab a Top Video Poker Bonus

When you sign up to one of our recommended real-money Canada online casino sites, you can take advantage of a superb welcome bonus.

After making a first real money C$ deposit, you just need to play-through enough video poker to activate a ton of free cash from the casino. Video poker isn't always eligible towards a bonus, but all of our recommended sites allow games to contribute towards your wagering requirement.

And at a top online casino, video poker leaderboards give keen players the chance to face off against fellow players for the chance to win big real-cash prizes.

We Find the Best Online Video Poker Casinos

Looking for a top casino online? Video poker your favourite game? Then we have it covered for Canadian real-cash gamblers like you.

At, we only rate and recommend the cream of the online video poker casino sites today. With our great websites you'll be away playing the slickest games, taking down the biggest jackpots, and accessing the best bonuses on the net.

Why waste time having a crummy online casino video poker experience when you can save the effort and get to the best rooms straight away? Sign up with one of our top online CA casinos and you can even bag a superb welcome bonus worth thousands of C$.


Canada's video poker enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover an endless array of promotions and bonuses when they sign up for a free account. If you want in on this action all you need to do is accept an offer suited to your needs and budget. The welcome bonus is just the beginning on the casinos sites we recommend. From there on out, as the cards are being dealt to you, the casino will invite you to collect ongoing promotions. Take a break from your video poker hand and try out your free spins. If you want even more, be sure to sign up for the casinos' loyalty club. Whether you are winning or losing at video poker, you are always getting something for your money.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
Our Canadian reviewers have blacklisted some sites that have fallen below our quality standards. You will find those blacklisted sites here. We do also provide high quality sites so you can experience the thrill of gaming without leaving your home.
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Poor customer service
Prism Casino
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Video Poker FAQ

Video poker can now be played on the small screen in the comfort of your own home! Want to know how to get started? Learn answers to everything you wanted to know about playing video poker online in this section.

How Does Video Poker Compare To Standard Poker?

Video poker shares some similarities with a slot machine, due the randomness of the draw but the lay out of poker. They both follow similar principles, so if you know how to play one you can easily pick up the other. Poker depends a little more on strategy and real money video poker a little more on luck.

How Can I Play Video Poker And Win?

Always remember to only use legitimate websites, otherwise your chance of winning decreases to zero! Use casino sites that offer C$ generous bonuses. Practice good video poker strategy. This includes playing Jacks or Better progressive games and tactically holding the right cards for the next round – if you are lucky enough to be dealt them. Study more advanced video poker strategy for even greater chances of winning.

What Are Video Poker Odds?

The odds vary from game to game. However, it is possible to choose games with 99.5% or over probability of payout. The idea that online video poker games can be money eaters is completely unfounded. Stick with Jacks or Better and you’ll find yourself playing with the best odds around.

Is It Possible To Make Money With Video Poker?

It’s completely possible to make money with video poker, and you don’t have to be a long-term expert to do so. It’s all about the way you play and how lucky you are feeling that day. If you want to make a living out of video poker online, study the guides written by famous masters and keep up to date with the latest game strategy.

Is Video Poker Rigged?

Some websites try to get away with rigging their machines, but luckily, to an expertly trained eye these discrepancies are detectable. Our team of dedicated experts have scoured the Internet, testing video poker sites for inauthenticity. They resulting list of their favourite and most trusted sites for our readers to use is available to view on this page.