Guide To Reputable Online Casinos

Reputable Online CasinosWhen online casinos came on to the scene in the nineties, it was like the Wild West. Sites rose and fell by the day and it seemed like you couldn't really trust anyone. In short order, though, many operators decided that they had to make every effort to become legitimate, reputable casinos, adhering to Canadian gambling laws. With third party auditing, government oversight, and tightened banking standards, some of these online casinos are still industry leaders today - and well respected amongst Canadian players. Keep reading to find out exactly what it takes for a site to become reputable and where Canadian gamblers can find one they can trust.

Online Casino Licensing

Online Casino LicensingThere are a handful of countries that genuinely license online casinos - although Canada is still getting in on the act. The process of applying for and maintaining an online casino license is often similar to that of land-based casinos, in terms of depth and strictness. Although things are always changing, the most reputable casinos tend to be based and licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao, and Costa Rica. These countries have been involved in regulated online gambling since the early days of the industry and they force online casinos to meet some pretty tough requirements.

It's important that you know which company is responsible for legally-required third party auditing.

First of all, licenses are not cheap. Not only do the issuing governments want to get a piece of the action, but it is also expensive for them to process applicants and monitor online casino action. That includes running background checks on the founding partners, looking for suspicious financial activity, and ensuring the fairness of the games. With so much time, money, and paperwork required, most casinos that hold a license can be considered reputable. Also, remember that if, at any point, they start to slip with their obligations, the license can be revoked and legal charges may be pressed!

While Canadian casino players are often told they cannot trust international online casinos, the truth is that these sites have often had to comply with very stringent and detailed laws to operate. But do keep an eye on the jurisdiction doing the licensing as not all are as thorough as the one we have mentioned above.

Reputable Casino Testing and Auditing

Testing And Auditing Of Online CasinosAs part of any reputable casino's licensing, the casino software must undergo rigorous and frequent testing. To take care of this, there are third party auditing firms like eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing that specialize in this kind of work. Their job is to go into the casino software and make sure that the casino's house edge is accurately reported in the payout percentage. This number tells Canadian gamblers, in the long run, how much money they should expect to receive on any given bet (yes, it's essentially always less than what you wagered). This number accounts for all kinds of game, bonuses, and jackpots.

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When you start browsing through international online casinos, it's important that you know which company is responsible for its legally-required third party auditing. We already mentioned eCogra and TST, for example, which are by far the most important firms in this industry. If you see another company, check to see what they investigate. Are withdrawals verified? Are customer support times measured? What about bonus payouts? Do your homework so you are not caught out by casinos posing as fair and regulated.

What Is A Random Number Generator?

Random Number GeneratorRandom number generators are pieces of software that, as the name implies, generate random numbers! These numbers are used to determine the result of spinning reels on digital slot machines and the roll of digital dice. When they are created to be fair, they offer unquestionable honesty to reputable online casinos that cater to Canadian players. In fact, since these RNG's are not susceptible to the imperfections of real-world gambling devices, they may actually be more "fair" than what you'd find in a land-based casino.

Unfortunately, simply manipulating a random number generator can put you at a big disadvantage and there's no way for you to tell by playing. Instead, we have to depend on those big name third-party auditing firms to randomly test random number generators at reputable casino sites. If you don't trust the auditors, you shouldn't trust the casino!

Reputable Casino Banking Safety

Banking SecuritySince you need to trust your online casino enough to let them handle your hard earned Canadian dollars, you should only stick with the established brands. Read reviews, scan the player forums, and make sure you know where the casino is regulated. Trust your instincts and, if anything seems suspicious, why risk it? Just move on to the next reputable casino on your list.

Read The Fine Print

Casino Terms And ConditionsEven with casinos that are honest, you owe it to yourself to make sure you read the terms and conditions when you sign up. Withdrawals generally have some restrictions which can become complicated if you have un-cleared bonus money sitting in your account. You should also make sure you know how long it takes to complete banking transactions and if your casino charges you any transaction fees. This information is right at your fingertips and it makes more sense to educate yourself before there's a problem than afterwards.

Finally, a lot of players can't stand having to provide documentation to prove their identity in order to withdraw their money. This, though, is almost always required by reputable casinos and prevents a whole host of problems including international money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. Just remember that this small inconvenience is the price you pay when you want to play with the most reputable online casino sites.