2018's Top Online Casino for Live Dealer Hold'em

Live dealer Texas Hold'emTexas Hold'em is one of the most popular forms of Poker played at casinos worldwide today.

Each player is dealt two cards from the 52-card pack, face down, and then three rounds of betting begin. The dealer reveals a total of five further cards, placed face up for all players to see (three in the first round, and one for the second and third rounds of betting respectively). The winner is the player who ends up with the strongest combination of cards, which must combine their two 'secret' cards with any three of the five cards on the table. With each fresh round of betting, players can opt to stick, fold or raise the stakes depending on the strength of the hand they've been dealt.

This competitive element between players is what makes Texas Hold'em such a great casino game to play, and now live casino Texas Hold'em has made it possible for remote players in Canada to enjoy the same experience at home.

As the best online casino for live dealer Hold'em, we pick Jackpot City, and have also vetted several of the very best live dealer Hold'em sites out there. The advantages of live dealer online Texas Hold'em should be obvious!

Our reviewers have found the best casinos online for live dealer Hold'Em. Our best poker sites all offer:

  • Different Texas Hold 'Em tables at different skill levels in order to practice and improve your game.
  • Cash bonuses for making your fist deposit.
  • World class customer service, which is available 24 hours a day via email, live chat or phone.
Discover The Top Live Texas Hold'em Variations
Pineapple /
Crazy Pineapple

Players are dealt 3 rather than the standard 2 cards. In Pineapple players immediately discard 1 card, whereas in Crazy Pineapple they wait for the flop before throwing 1 out.

Super Hold'em

Players are dealt 3 cards like in Pineapple but they don't discard any. The best combination of 5 cards from their hand and the flop is the winning hand.

Double Flop

Two sets of 5 cards are dealt face-up on the table. To win players must form the best hand of 5 cards using their original 2 cards and 3 from one spread on the table.

See the Live Dealer Games in Action

Live Holdem Table Live Holdem Table
The Benefits of Live Dealer
  • You watch the dealer in real time so you know game play is fair and legitimate.
  • You can interact with the dealer, just as you would in a physical casino.
  • Playing Texas Hold'em at online casino sites offers lifelike game from the comfort of your home.

How To Start Playing Live Texas Hold'em

Watching the pros go all in on their last hand in WSOP is very different to playing at home in an online casino. That's why we've put together this simple guide on how to get started real cash gaming, so that you can start enjoying one of the world's most popular card games today.

  1. Opt in to a live game of your choice and wait for other players to join. You'll be able to see the dealer on the camera, but not the other players.
  2. Watch live on the screen as the dealer deals out the cards, just like he or she would in a real casino.
  3. Bet just as you would in a physical casino online game, remembering that you're playing with real money against real players.

Live Hold 'Em Betting Basics And Tips

First things first, we should point out that some familiarity with the rules of poker (particularly Texas Hold 'Em) is incredibly useful when it comes to playing live hold 'em. However, even complete poker newbies can get to grips with the simplified rules of live casino hold 'em pretty quickly.

The biggest thing to remember in live dealer hold 'em is that, if you're not confident in your hand, there's no shame in folding rather than calling. Don't let any cheeky live dealers goad you into backing a hand that you're pretty sure is going to fail and lose more money as a result!

Remember that the dealer has to qualify (that usually means getting a pair of fours or better) in order to beat you, so all might not necessarily be lost if you land a poor hand provided there's not much potential for the dealer in the window cards. Of course, that won't help you if they're hiding a pair of pocket aces...

The best way to get to grips with live dealer hold 'em is probably, initially at least, to ditch the live dealer aspect entirely! Use standard casino hold 'em, possibly even in free play mode, to get to grips with the rules, good hands etc. before transitioning to live hold 'em.

'Live' Dealer & Traditional Casino Games?

Playing as part of a live game completely elevates the experience of playing Texas Hold'em in your own home. You get to see the cards as they're revealed one by one, knowing without any seed of doubt, that the outcome is completely fair and not mediated by any kind of computer software. Plus you have the same odds of winning as any of the other players you're competing against in real time.

Get Ready To Play

Live dealer hold 'em isn't available everywhere – many live dealer casinos only offer roulette, blackjack and baccarat – but it is an increasingly popular option for players who want to enjoy some poker-style action against another person without having to find an online poker room. Once you've got to grips with the rules, what makes a good hand etc. you'll find some great places to play on this page and, if you don't already have an account with one of these top sites, you can create one and start playing in a matter of minutes. Good luck!

Live Blackjack
Live Holdem
Live Roulette


If you are a Canadian gambler looking for the best online casino action possible, live dealer hold em is where it's at. Beginning with an attention stealing welcome bonus, this can help you get on your feet. Whatever you win with your bonus, you can take that cash to the live dealer hold em tables. As you make further deposits using a secure payment method, the casino will present you with more real cash bonuses. Refer a friend schemes and prize incentives will help to change things up, and if you're lucky, reward you with some awesome benefits. Join the loyalty club to get VIP privileges and cash back on every wager made. All this just for signing up to play live dealer hold em at our recommended casinos online.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
There are great Live Dealer Texas Hold'em sites and there are some really bad ones. We have taken the liberty of identifying both. Here you will find blacklisted sites and it is best to stay away from these bad boys. But, look no further as we have some super sites that provide great payouts and world class customer service which is available 24 hours a day for your convenience.
Slots of Vegas
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
Pick the best online casinos that are safe and fun to gamble at using our carefully built list below, or use our special tool to do the work of finding a closer fit for you.

Live Dealer Hold'em FAQ

In case you still need to find out a bit more about playing live casino poker, we decided to assemble all of the questions that we tend to hear most from Canadian players and post the answers here for everyone to see.

Do I need any specific software/hardware to play live casino Texas Hold'em?

The same internet-connected computer that gives you access to normal poker games can be used when it comes to live Texas Hold'em as well. There's simply no need to go out and upgrade your hardware. As for software, it's available freely from each reputable internet live dealer Texas Hold'em operator.

Are the casino Texas Hold'em rules the same?

This is one thing that you can absolutely count on. The top live dealer casino Texas Hold'em sites, like those listed here, are totally transparent. They do everything possible to make sure that you understand the rules, which is particularly easy because these online gambling websites have every reason to follow the standards that you're used to.

Do all sites offer live dealer web Texas Hold'em games?

Unfortunately, most sites are way behind the times when it comes to live real money gambling Texas Hold'em action. If you want to play, there are only a handful of really great poker online sites out there. Check out our recommended sites to get started.

Are live dealer casino Texas Hold'em poker games more popular than non-live games?

Since so many sites are holding off on live Texas Hold'em technology (to save money), a lot of players don't even know what they're missing out on. In time though, live gambling will likely catch right up. It's the wave of the future.

Will my welcome bonus still count for real dealer games?

Your live dealer internet Texas Hold'em site will absolutely have special bonuses for live players like you. These probably won't shock and awe like the four-figure bonuses that non-live players have access to, but that's just the reality of playing in a live dealer card game.

Are Texas Hold'em games hosted by real dealers available 24/7?

Yes, but some sites have limited hours. Playing the top Canadian sites (listed here) is the best way to make sure you can always access live dealer casino Texas Hold'em poker.

How do I know the casino is playing fair in live dealer Texas Hold'em games?

Just like always, you need to make sure you trust your casino. Live games, however, do come with the advantage that you can see under the hood and watch the game unfold live. With live dealer casino Texas Hold'em games, there's no need to blindly trust a random number generator.

Can I see the other players in live casino Texas Hold'em games?

Canadian players are always asking us about this, and the answer is “no”. You can see the real dealers, because they have cameras pointed at them, but players have much more privacy. Live dealer casino Texas Hold'em is all about looking at the dealer - it has nothing to do with them looking back!