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Live roulette online

One of the oldest casino games in history, roulette remains popular with amateur players and seasoned gamblers alike, thanks to its interactive nature and simplicity of play. The complexity of the bet you place in roulette is entirely down to you, though, with many different wagering options on offer.

Thanks to advances in technology, Canadians are now able to enjoy playing in a live roulette casino from the comfort of home. And our team has compiled the best sites for you to try out too, including our #1 pick Jackpot City.

  • Experience the thrill of live roulette, from the comfort of your own home
  • Discover the safest places to enjoy live roulette online
  • Only play in casinos with the best odds and pay-out ratios
Canada's Number 1 Ranked Casino
Why Jackpot City is ranked #1 out of 253 casinos:
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Why Spin Palace is ranked #2 out of 253 casinos:
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Why Ruby Fortune is ranked #3 out of 253 casinos:
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Discover The Top Live Roulette Variations
European Roulette

A European roulette wheel features 37 numbers and just 1 zero. The house only has a 2.63% edge which is why European Roulette is widely preferred over other roulette variations.

American Roulette

Similar to European Roulette, but with an extra zero on the wheel, which increases the house edge on real cash games to 5.26%.

French Roulette

Pays players back half on even money bets that lose on 0, a rule that lowers the house edge significantly to just 1.32% but sadly means this version is becoming less widely available.

See the Live Dealer Games in Action

Live Roulette Lobby Live Roulette Table

How To Play Live Roulette

The Benefits of Live Dealer
  • You can interact with the dealer, and other players, without having to leave your house.
  • The technology and in-game play is more sophisticated than with a virtual casino.
  • You can win real money, and bet against other real-life players, who are positioned all over the world.

Even the simplest of games can seem complex and intimidating when you've never played it before, roulette included. So, follow these simple steps and you'll soon be spinning the wheel and winning!

  1. Select your game. Many live roulette online casino sites also give you the option to select the gender of the dealer, and set your language.
  2. Place your bet when promoted to do so by the dealer. You'll get a limited time window to do this and the dealer will alert you when betting is closed.
  3. The dealer spins the wheel and the outcome of the game, and your bet, is revealed.

Live Roulette Betting Basics And Tips

One of the reasons roulette is so popular is that it offers bets with high and low house edges. Bet on the colour/parity of the result and you have pretty good odds of winning (47.4% on American roulette) but will only win your stake back, while an inside bet on an individual number pays out 35:1 on a French table...but your odds of victory are much lower.

Before placing your first bet, think about how quickly you intend to play and the size of your bankroll. There's little worse than settling down for a session at a live dealer roulette wheel, betting too high and burning through your entire budget in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Some players swear by using betting systems, which might involve something like doubling your bet after a loss, but this can get very dangerous very quickly and its effectiveness is often curbed by the maximum bet allowed on a table.

Mixing up your bets using primarily outside bets (colour, parity, dozens or columns) with an occasional bet on a single number or group of numbers is usually the best way to be successful when playing roulette but, as with most games in the casino, you'll need some luck to succeed too.

'Live' Dealer Games vs. Standard Virtual Casino Games?

The biggest, and most notable, difference is the element of reality that playing with a live dealer provides. When you play against the computer, the experience can be very solitary, and not really that similar to the thrill of playing in a physical casino. With a live dealer present and overseeing the betting, the experience is much more akin to what you get when you play in a bricks and mortar casino. Not to mention, the sophistication of the technology is far superior, which only elevates the enjoyment and interactive factor further.

Choosing Where to Play

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino, online and off, and live roulette now holds a significant (and growing) share of that market. As one of few table games that you can currently enjoy in live dealer form, it's no surprise that live dealer roulette tables are always packed in online casinos. Just make sure that you don't let what other players are doing put you off your game! Give live roulette a try for yourself at any of the safe and secure sites we recommend below.



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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
Live Dealer roulette online is a great way to enjoy the thrill of roulette in the comfort of your home. There are some sites with very poor ratings that our reviewers suggest you avoid, you'll find them blacklisted here. Take comfort that the other sites we suggest for Live Dealer Roulette Online will provide you the best Canada casinos has to offer.
Slots of Vegas
reason for blacklist
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
reason for blacklist
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
reason for blacklist
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
We've assembled the leading online casinos below to choose from, or you can rely on our top tool for sorting quality casinos.

Live Dealer Roulette FAQ

Want to play live roulette online in Canada but have questions that need answering before you start to play? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This section will answer all of the most common queries that players have about playing roulette live online, so you can feel more confident when playing online.

How Does Live Online Roulette Work?

Online casino live roulette is a fusion between land based game play and online game play. You still play on your computer, however there is a live dealer interacting with the punters, taking their bets and spinning the wheel in real time.

Are Live Tables Fixed?

The modern world’s obsession with camera trickery has made people understandably suspicious of what they see recorded on TV. This has led a segment of the gambling community to question whether live tables are fixed. In fact there are websites and YouTube videos dedicated to proving that they are! The problem with that is, it lumps all live tables into the same category, when really not all tables are created equal. Some are far more trustworthy than others. It is possible to make huge money on live tables. It’s just a question of finding them. This can mean an expensive and perilous search through the Internet to find a genuine table that doesn’t rip you off! Luckily for you, we have done the hard work for you – and listed the best, unfixed tables we could find on the web for you. All you have to do is start playing.

Where Can I Play Live Roulette?

There are many places online for you to play live roulette. However, there are those that ought to be avoided at all costs. There are tables that the veteran gambling community simply know are rigged; however the tables keep on enticing in new players and earning money, keeping them in business. Do not be like these unfortunate amateurs! Choose on of the tables on this page to make sure that you really are getting your money’s worth.

Is It Very Different To Standard Online Roulette?

The only difference is that sometimes the spaces on the table are more limited, and there’s a real dealer spinning the wheel. Other than that, live roulette runs on exactly the same principles that you know and love in standard online roulette. Some consider the presence of a live dealer more exciting, whereas others simply want a quick and easy game of standard online roulette. It’s up to the individual to decide how much he values the ceremony of live roulette.

How Can I Win Live Roulette?

Roulette is a game of pure chance, however there are a few tactics you can use that will help you to win more often. Making larger, outside bets will increase your chances of winning and with live roulette it may be worth watching the dealer for a while to see if they have any biases when they spin the wheel. You can also use strategies, which many players swear by and others disregard entirely.

Is It Worth It To Use A Strategy?

This is a tricky one, because a significant portion of the roulette community swears by strategies and regularly use them in order to make huge amounts of money. Others claim that mathematically, strategies cannot work and dismiss them as nonsense. However, these naysayers are usually the ones that don’t play roulette. How can they win if they don’t play? At least someone using a strategy and playing roulette actually has a chance of hitting the jackpot! So, it’s up to each player. Do your research and learn about the different types of strategies that you can use, and then try them out on the free play games to test them. That way, you don’t risk anything!

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