Online casinos that take PayPal in Canada

PayPal Casino

PayPal is a world wide payment company best known for their involvement with EBay and also for their easy to use peer to peer money transfer system. Unfortunately their use amongst Canadian and worldwide online casinos has become scarce to non-existent. Read on for excellent alternatives.


Canadian PayPal Casinos In 2017

PayPal Online Casinos - We get it. You use PayPal in Canada for everything. To buy stuff on eBay. To shop at other sites. To send money to friends. To receive money for side projects. If you're like a lot of Canadians, you use PayPal more often than your ATM card. So, naturally, you'd expect to find a Canadian PayPal online casino, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. While PayPal might be your favourite payment method of choice, you'd be hard pressed to find a Canadian online casino using PayPal as a payment option. The main reason? It has to do with PayPal's financial transaction policy in Canada.

But that doesn't mean you can't play. We have compiled some excellent information on the many PayPal alternatives for Canadians below!