How To Find Safe Online Casinos

Security At Online Casinos

Trying to find a safe online casino in Canada can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially if you're not sure exactly what to look out for. That's where we come in. Not only can you find top recommended secure online casino sites that accept CAD right here, we'll also show you how to spot a safe online casino yourself. That means if you do end up doing some exploring of your own, you'll be able to tell a trusted online casino from one that's not legit at all!

You can check out our list of the most secure online casino sites below, and the best bit is they all accept Canadian players. That means you don't have to worry about your CAD being locked up. You don't have to lose sleep over shady online casino security that compromises your personal info. And you don't have to sweat it every time you read an article that warns you of playing at unsafe safe online casino sites. Just play and enjoy.

What Security Do The Best Casino Sites Use?

OK, things are about to get a bit technical here. That's not a bad thing, though, because let's face it, when it comes to the security of your personal details some geeky tech protection is exactly what you want to see.

The most trusted online casino sites are trusted for a good reason. They all employ 128-bit SSL Encryption. This type of encryption is used around the globe by banks, stores and online companies because it is the best technology for protecting customers' payment details. In fact, researchers recently found that your details are just as safe when you use sites with 128-but SSL as they are when you shop in-store.

Top secure online casinos are guaranteed to use this exact encryption level so that you can relax and have some fun gaming at a Canuck site, all without worrying about who's got their grubby hands on your bank details.

How Do I Know What Security My Online Casino Has?

If you click on one of the casinos in our top Canadian secure online casino list you'll see all the details of what techniques that particular site uses to keep you safe.

If you find a site that accepts Canadian players on your own and you want to know what type of security they'll offer you, head to the 'Security' section of the casino site. Here you'll find a detailed explanation of what their online casino security is like. If there's not much information on the page, or it just doesn't exist at all, that should set off alarm bells in your head and we would recommend you find another trusted online casino site to play at.

How Do I Know My Personal Information Is Safe?

Keeping Personal Data Safe

Whether you are concerned about the personal details you entered when you signed up with the online casino, or if you're worried about the banking and financial information that's held online and linked to your account, you can rest assured that casinos do everything they can to protect all of your information online.

By choosing any of our recommended sites, you will be playing at a professionally vetted online casinos that are regulated by the proper authorities, and trusted to provide the absolute premium in encryption and security software to keep all sensitive user information locked tight.

They do this by securing their sites with 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the standard used by all the major financial institutions in their online transactions. HTTPS allows for secure communication whenever you are on a trusted casino site, insuring everything is authenticated and that no third party can access the information you send and receive. You can feel completely safe making any payments or withdrawals for online gambling.

How Are Canuck Safe Online Casinos Monitored For Security?

All the secure online casinos on our top list are always 100% safe. Most other reputable, trusted online casinos will also be safe too. You don't have to just take the casino's word for it though. There are international industry bodies that police online casinos and monitor them on how well they protect their players.

The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance body, or eCOGRA as it's better known, is one of the strictest certifying companies in the world. That means any safe online casino that's passed the eCOGRA certification is a trusted online casino and you should definitely give it a go.

eCOGRA's main job is to look into how secure a casino is and what methods they use to keep players' transactions safe. So, when you see the eCOGRA seal of approval, your privacy and security are guaranteed.

Now That You Know About Online Casino Security, What's Next?

It's time for you to play at a top secure online casino, of course! Now that you know you can play at one of our recommended safe online casino sites in Canada, all without stressing about whether your identity is going to be stolen, it's time to have some serious fun!

Take a look at our collection of the Canuck trusted casinos now and you can start raking in the CAD! And when you find a safe online casino you trust, don't forget to take precautions on your end, like anti-virus protection and exercising caution when you play.

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