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Tablet Online Casinos

OnlineCasino.ca has been busy identifying the very best real money tablet online casinos for Canadian players. We looked for the online tablet casinos that offered the most games, the highest security, and the best bonuses and promotions. Plus, when we tested these tablet casinos we evaluated how easy they were to navigate, the quality of the software and games, and the usefulness of customer support.

After reviewing our findings, we've concluded that the very best online tablet casino is Jackpot City . The staff at OnlineCasino.ca based their conclusions regarding this and the other casinos for tablet players we selected on the following criteria:

  • High quantity of high quality games available on tablet.
  • Natively configured apps that make use of the bigger screen on tablet.
  • Safety and security by playing with your tablet at chosen online casino sites.
Canada's Number 1 Ranked Casino
Why Jackpot City is ranked #1 out of 253 casinos:
  • Microgaming technology with over 400 games
  • Free downloadable software and mobile app
  • One of the highest sign-up incentives for Canadian players
  • New live games with real-time bets
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97.8 %
1-2 DAYS
Why Spin Palace is ranked #2 out of 253 casinos:
  • Wide variety of payments options accepted
  • Pay outs, bonuses and wins issued in Canadian Dollars
  • Competitive welcome bonus with clear T&C's
  • More than 450 online casino games to choose from
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97.4 %
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Why Ruby Fortune is ranked #3 out of 253 casinos:
  • Play for real money and deposit funds in Canadian Dollars
  • Earn rewards and incentives as a VIP member
  • Easy cash-out facility with timely payments
  • Generous bonus sign-up of $750 for Canadians
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The Most Popular Tablets

We've found at OnlineCasino.ca that online tablet casinos are quickly becoming more and more popular. One reason for this has to do with the fact that tablets themselves seem to be replacing laptop computers. Along with the growing popularity in tablets amongst consumers is recognition on the part of online casinos that tablet apps and gaming sites are quickly becoming not the wave of the future but the norm. Today, there are four popular devices that dominate the market. OnlineCasino.ca offers information on each below.



The iOS based iPad by Apple has been out for more than five years and is one of the most popular mobile devices to date. It's widely accepted at casinos and can be used to access flash-based or HTML5-based instant casino content, as well as app-based games. iPad devices come in a variety of shapes and formats, but each offers a spectacular screen for viewing games on and plenty of power to run most apps smoothly. Newer devices offer an improved gaming experience, but most iPad devices can handle casino games just fine. iPad tablets come with plenty of storage capacity for experiencing many different casino apps, and they leave you with the most gaming options out of all the tablets, making them ideal for users that like having plenty of options to choose from.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Many people are attracted to the Kindle Fire due to the fact that it captured everyone's imagination when it was introduced in 2011, and since that time this Android-based tablet has seen marked improvements. These include upgrades in memory and processing, a push towards amazingly rich animations, and an expansion in screen dimensions. The Kindle Fire offers a whole lot of punch to those who use it. However, for online tablet casino gambling enthusiasts, it does not offer the same promise of some other devices. At this point, there are no casino or gaming apps for the Kindle Fire, and its Silk browser does not always interact well with instant-play casinos. But it's important to realize that those online tablet casinos that are accommodated by this tablet play smoothly, have dynamic graphics and sound, and provide exceedingly exciting gaming experiences.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy

When it comes to Android-based online casino tablets, the Samsung Galaxy provides players with quite a bit of promise. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which is the top of the line, has exceptionally rich animations and clean, crisp sound and offers a whole of memory and very speedy processing. This tablet does support Flash instant-play or HTML5 sites, and there are also numerous casino apps available. Other models include the low-end Samsung Galaxy Tab E and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which is the mid-range model. When you engage in online tablet casino play on the Samsung Galaxy you'll enjoy faultless and smooth play, deeply vivid graphics, and amazingly resilient processing and memory. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is very light, the thinnest tablet in the world, and boasts of a large screen. All of these features make casino gaming easy and fun.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus

The final online casino tablet on our list is the Android-based Google Nexus. The Google Nexus, which was launched in 2012, is attractive to players due to the large number of casino apps that have been developed for it. Plus, you may also access online casinos easily that offer instant-play versions of their games. There are three different Google Nexus models, the Nexus 7, Nexus 9, and Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 is the best of these three, offering a bigger screen, better graphics, faster processing speed, and more memory. Of the four tablets featured, the Google Nexus offers online tablet casino players the most gaming opportunities. Play is crisp and seamless and images and computer graphics are superior. Like other premium tablets, the Google Nexus provides players a top-notch casino tablet experience.

We've Found the Best Casino Tablet Sites

The personnel at OnlineCasino.ca have taken the time to research, test, and evaluate the top online tablet casinos in the world. We have taken our time and carefully evaluated each site, looking for those that include premium software, great games, and a wide range of entertainment possibilities. Plus, we have investigated each online casino's customer support services, security and safety, and bonuses and promotions . You can play at our real money online tablet casinos with confidence.

Tablet Casinos - What They Offer

There are many reasons why online casino tablet play is increasing. There are many positives associated with playing on one. When compared to playing casino games on your laptop or desktop, tablets are more portable than either, smaller, and lighter. When compared to playing on a cellular device, tablet screens are much larger, easier to manipulate and see, and more responsive.

Chances are your online tablet casino offers you the same bonuses and promotions that you'll receive when playing on any other device. Plus, if you play on your tablet, you may earn additional bonuses or have access to more promotions. As tablet gaming grows in popularity so too will the amount of games available and the number of sites that offer it.

More Gambling Opportunities

Everyday it seems as if there are more and more online gambling opportunities. Part of this has to do with the attempt by casinos online to ensure that players can enjoy their services no matter wherever they may be. Thus, most online sites offer mobile and tablet gaming. Some casinos have made such offerings a priority.

If you enjoy Marvel progressives, Live Dealer games, or software-driven card or table games, chances are that you can play them on your online tablet casino. Tablets provide players with a lightweight, easily to manipulate gaming device that offers an ongoing connection to their favourite online casino. If you utilize an Android-based tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Kindle Fire, or Google Nexus 10, the Windows based Microsoft Surface Pro, or the iOS driven iPad, you'll have access to an online casino that's perfect for you. The crew at OnlineCasino.ca has endeavored to provide you with a list of premium online casino tablet gambling sites.


As soon as you are ready to play, pull out your tablet and tap the casino of your choice. Sign up for a free account and get ready to be presented with a promotion you'll most certainly want to grab. Aside from the initial welcome promotion, the online casino will present you with ongoing offers that can help to up your ante and, if you're lucky, add more cash to your bankroll. Real money promotions are only the beginning. Be sure to look out for regular free spins on the latest games of slots and VIP privileges. All this and more directly from your tablet when you sign up to a recommended gambling site.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
Sadly not all online casinos adhere to best practice and observe regulatory industry standards. Our blacklist consists of the sites that our reviewers found to underperform in one or more areas, from poor customer service to pay out denials. We urge you to avoid these casinos and select one from our recommended list instead, to ensure you stay safe online.
Slots of Vegas
reason for blacklist
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
reason for blacklist
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
reason for blacklist
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
Choose top casinos in an instant using our top casino list, or get a more focused option with the special tool we offer.

Tablet FAQ

Can I use my tablet at online casinos?

Absolutely. Tablet casino games are some of the most intriguing out there because of the different mechanics involved when using them instead of a casino on laptop or desktop. The touchscreen interface employed by the average tablet is very similar to what you'll find when using many modern touchscreen video slots in a land-based venue, which makes for a very compelling experience. In fact, even though the range of games is smaller than on a computer, many players enjoy tablet online casino games so much that they make this their primary way of playing.

Are all brands and models compatible?

Obviously, you'll get the best results in a tablet casino when using a top of the range device like a brand new Kindle Fire HD or iPad Pro, but that's not to say that you can't have plenty of fun using an older tablet. The range of games available is usually pretty consistent whatever the age of your device, but you may notice longer loading times and poorer graphics or a bit of a lag when using an older tablet. It's very rare that tablet users won't be able to find at least a few online casinos they can use, even if their device is getting on in years.

Which are the best sites for tablet gamers?

Any of the sites listed on this page is a great place to check out tablet online casino games, either via a dedicated app or a responsive site that will scale automatically to fit your device's screen. It's always worth taking a look to see whether your current site of choice offers tablet games as, if it does, you can just log in and play on the go using your existing login details. Regardless, there's no shortage of great tablet gaming sites – and way too many to list here! – to try that are just a couple of taps away.

Are dedicated apps or mobile games played in browser better?

These days, the difference between dedicated apps and mobile games is negligible. It used to be the case that apps offered a certain degree of convenience because they could be added to your home screen and set to remember your details, but all of that stuff is now possible on responsive sites too. Some players prefer apps because they have a reputation for being more stable, and offer an experience that's been designed for tablets from the ground up, but the majority of players will struggle to even differentiate between the two options once they get into a game.

Should using my data or Wi-Fi affect gameplay?

Overall, this shouldn't make much difference to gameplay although games may run a little quicker over WiFi. If you have a restrictive data plan then you may want to stick with WiFi anyway, particularly if you're playing a modern game that's very graphically intensive.

Will I get the same games and promos as desktop players?

Unfortunately not, when it comes to games at least. The selection of titles – a few table games and a larger range of slots – is never as impressive on mobiles and tablets as on a laptop or desktop. On the plus side, tablet casino gamers can usually get access to all of the same bonuses and promos.

Will my personal information be safe?

As long as you stick with a safe and reputable site, like those listed on this page, your data should be perfectly safe. There's always a risk when transmitting any information over the web, but smart online gambling needn't be any less safe than any other online purchase.

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