LI New England Patriots

Crafted in 100 grams of 10-karat white gold, the ring has a carat weight of 5.1 and features a stone count of more than 280 diamonds, including five marquise-cut diamonds representing the franchise's five Vince Lombardi trophies.

The iconic Patriots logo is made from a custom-cut created corundum sapphire and ruby.

LI New England Patriots top
LI New England Patriots right
LI New England Patriots left
LI New England Patriots bottom
Corundum sapphire and ruby
The iconic Patriots logo made from a custom-cut created corundum sapphire and ruby.
Corundum sapphire
An additional corundum sapphire in the background proudly surrounds the Patriots logo and five iconic Vince Lombardi Trophies.
Marquise-cut diamond
Each trophy features a marquise-cut diamond and is pavé-set with brilliant round diamonds.
280 Diamonds
Surrounding the custom sapphire corundum is another perimeter row of diamonds, bringing the total to more than 280 diamonds.
The left side of the ring features the recipient's name with their number encrusted in diamonds.
Estimated cost to recreate: