LIII New England Patriots

The Patriots Super Bowl LIII Championship Ring features an average of 416 round diamonds and six marquise-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 8.25. Each ring features 20 round, genuine 1.60 carats blue sapphires, bringing the total gem carat weight to 9.85 carats.

The ring is crafted in 10-karat gold with a total weight of 87 grams.

LIII New England Patriots top
LIII New England Patriots bottom
LIII New England Patriots left
LIII New England Patriots right
Custom-cut ruby
The ring top features the iconic Patriots logo brought to life through a custom-cut, red and blue stone.
38 Diamonds
38 DIAMONDS surround the logo with an additional DIAMOND set in the star. Combined, these 38 diamonds represent two NFL records reached by the Patriots with their Super Bowl LIII win the franchise's 37th playoff victory.
Marquise-cut diamond
The logo rests a top six Lombardi trophies, intricately set with 123 DIAMONDS, each accented with a MARQUISE-CUT DIAMOND.
Pave-set diamonds
The trophies on the ring top are surrounded by an additional 108 pavé-set DIAMONDS, which represent the number of practices in the 2018 campaign and underscore the team's focus on preparation – one diamond for every practice.
76 Diamonds
A patriotic 76 DIAMONDS adorn the edges of the ring.
20 Round blue sapphires
20 ROUND BLUE SAPPHIRES, which are emblematic of the Patriots 20 AFC East division championships.
The players' uniform number is inlaid with DIAMONDS.
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