LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The top of the ring features 319 diamonds, representing the 31-9 final score in the Super Bowl while there are two marquise cut diamonds signifying the Buccaneer's two Super Bowl Championships. Each side features eight emerald-cut diamonds in homage to the team's eight consecutive wins.

In total, the ring contains 15 carats of white diamonds and is made of 14-karat yellow and white gold weighing 150 grams.

LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers front
LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers inside
LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers side
LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers back
319 Round - DIAMONDS
Top: 319 Round - DIAMONDS (31-9 final score in the SuperBowl)
Marquise Cut Diamonds
Face: 2 MARQUISE CUT DIAMONDS (Lombardi Trophy, representing the Bucs' two Super Bowl championships) Covered by the Bucs' red flag logo, which is made of HAND-CARVED RED CORUNDUM (RUBI)
8 Emerald-cut Diamonds
Each Side: 8 Emerald-cut Diamonds (total: 16) represent 8 straight wins.
9 Diamonds
Left: 9 DIAMONDS on the left trophy represent 9 points allowed in super bowl LV.
4 Diamonds
4 DIAMONDS on the SuperBowl Logo represent the number of division winners defeated
1 Diamond
1 DIAMOND in the stadium inside.
Estimated cost to recreate: