So, you’ve decided to play fantasy sports. You’re looking for competition, luck, enjoyment, and even some bragging rights. Yet, you’ve no idea where to begin. Don’t worry: we’ve compiled some basic tips to help.

Fantasy sport games are a big deal, especially fantasy football. The basic concept is this: you will select real players to create fantasy – or fake – games. Based on the real players’ performance on the field, you will earn points.

So, if your fantasy team scores more points than another fantasy team, you win.

While luck can help your league to win, usually you have to prepare in advance. In fact, some of the most successful fantasy sports teams have gotten to the point they are at through extensive planning and strategic execution.

Drafting Your Team

The first thing to do is to draft your team. This takes time so it’s a good idea to start your research early. Use guides like ESPN, CBS Sports, and Sports Illustrated to help you prepare.

Next, it’s time to research your league and their rules. Not all leagues let you keep players from one season to another. From here take a moment to look at mock drafts.

Alternatively, you can look for an expert’s ranking that you like and use that as a foundation for your own draft. Some people will even copy the experts draft and be done with it.

As the season begins, watch out for injuries and other mishaps that could affect your chosen players. Because things can change so quickly, you have to be ready to make replacements and this means you will need to have some backup picks in mind.

Once all of the above has been completed, it’s time to draft your team.

It’s a good idea to draft the best players with your early picks. In general, wide receivers and high-end running backs generate the most points. Many fantasy sports players will wait until middle or late rounds to draft a quarterback.

Don’t forget that most teams have at least one down week too. During this time, any player on this team won’t be on your fantasy team. Make sure there are not multiple players of your team away at the same time.

You should also choose a defence and a kicker at the end of your draft. This is because the points vary throughout the football season and are difficult to predict.

During the season it will be up to you to stay up to date with NFL updates. People who have won the most from fantasy updates are looking for changes on a very regular basis.

Join a league or start your own today!