Canada's Top Citadel Online Casinos 2017

Citadel CasinosThe best Canadian casinos online have been quick to recognize the merits of using this speedy and safe online banking method. In fact when we put Citadel casino payments to the test, our reviewers were impressed with the quality of top citadel casinos available in Canada. But one site stood out above the rest and for our expert panel that casino is Jackpot City.

Signing up to one of our best-recommended Canadian Citadel casinos doesn't just guarantee your online safety and provide you with an excellent gaming experience, it can also be lucrative too. Our picks of the best casinos all offer:

  • Excellent bonus schemes and incentives for Citadel users
  • Quick & instant deposits in all Citadel casinos online
  • Second to none customer service that's always available 24/7

So before you get started in a Citadel online casino, take a look at the sites we found to be better than the rest, and take your pick of any of these legitimate, safe and fun casinos, to guarantee the best online gambling experience.

Some Information On Citadel

Citadel Commerce, or Citadel Instant Banking as it's also referred to, offers Canadians just that; the opportunity to make transactions immediately, just by logging on and using its electronic banking service.

Where to begin

Citadel never retains any of your personal details, so when it comes to online safety, this banking method is up there with the best of them.

Citadel is an online payment system that allows Canadians to make payments using their existing internet bank account and login details. The payments are processed instantly and Citadel never retains any of your personal details, so when it comes to online safety, this banking method is up there with the best of them.

Making Casino Payments

To make life even easier, there are three ways you can elect to pay using Citadel. These include a downloadable app, via a Citadel webpage, or by a rapid payment system, which issues users with a reference number.

No matter which method you use, in every instance you'll be guided towards your own Internet banking account to complete the transaction, so there's no need to register or store any data with Citadel. What's more, because the funds are drawn directly from your personal account there's no danger of you spending beyond your limits. Plus your account updates in real time so you can easily keep track of what you're wagering when using Citadel to add real cash to your bankroll.

No matter which way you elect to finalize your payment in a Citadel casino online, the transaction will be cleared instantly - and without any fees or charges from Citadel for making a payment via its service. You'll be offered an incentive bonus by the best Citadel casinos online (see our list of recommended sites for the ones that offer this) and once you've registered your account - normally just a case of adding a few details and no more than minutes to set-up - you'll be able to add funds immediately.

Just select the casino banking option when you want to make your first deposit and you'll see Citadel listed as an accepted banking method. It really couldn't be easier to get started playing for real money using Citadel as your deposit method. Plus you'll never have to worry about your personal data being leaked or shared because Citadel doesn't store any information about its users, and its security system is among the most sophisticated on the internet.

Blacklisted Canadian Casinos

While our reviews process highlights the top performing Citadel casinos it also unmasks the casinos that aren't operating best practise. Those casinos we advise our readers to stay away from and it's these that feature on our blacklist.

Slots of Vegas Logo
  • Shoddy customer service and hard to contact
  • Series of payout problems
Prism Casino Logo
  • Lots of payout issues reported
  • Failure to pay players after large winnings
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Citadel work in Canada?

Absolutely. Citadel is an accepted payment method in 33 countries, including Canada.

How do I use Citadel?

You need to be set up with internet banking to use Citadel. From then you have three ways to pay - by app, web page, or rapid transfer. All three will guide you to your own Internet bank and prompt you to log in to complete the transaction.

Do they allow online casino transactions?

Absolutely. All of the casinos in our best-rated Citadel online casinos list accept Citadel as payment in Canada. You just need to select instant banking in the deposit methods menu of your casino of choice and then Citadel to get set up.

How long do deposit and withdrawals take?

Deposits are instant and withdrawal times vary. Typically withdrawals are non-instant and sometimes fees are applied. It's best to consult the casino you want to play at to see what their T&C's are regarding using Citadel as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Is Citadel safe?

It's totally safe. It doesn't store any of your data so the risk to your online security is incredibly low.

Does Citadel charge?

Citadel doesn't charge, but your bank or card issuer might apply fees when using Citadel to make or accept payments so it’s best to check with them before using an online Citadel casino for the first time.