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GuidesPerhaps one of the most difficult things to do is to just get stuck into something with little knowledge. Whether you want to know about online casino odds or how best to manage your bankroll, you need to know the fundamentals of online gambling.

We have put together a list of comprehensive guides that will be able to answer the simplest online gambling questions all the way down to the more complex strategy guides for different games. Our guides put the knowledge of seasoned gamblers into the hands of newcomers to help them along their way so that everyone will be able to give themselves the best chance at winning.

Our guides include strategy for each particular casino game, how to download the software, what the legality of online casinos are in Canada, top ten tips for gamblers and many, many more. Make sure that you take the helpful hands offered to give yourself the best shot at coming up ahead of the rest.

Gambling in Canadian Culture

It’s not adjust about the games for online casino fans, it’s a way of life. Gambling is a hot topic in Canada, whether it’s cultural opinions on gambling and casino gaming, appearances in the news, movies, or even in Canadian political debate and law making. Seemingly everyone has an opinion on the subject, and of course many Canadians will have their experiences with visiting Canada’s casinos and gambling online.

That’s what this section is devoted to, bringing you the data on all of the ways in which physical and online casino gaming appears in Canadian life. If you’re curious about how gambling is perceived in a certain context or a particular peer group, all the information will be here in one of our guides.

Gambling Sentiments

Gambling Sentiments

A look at what the younger generation thinks about gambling, according to social media.

What Happened In Vegas

What Happened In Vegas

Gambling hit the big screen in these movies. How much are the wins and losses worth today?

Congress Odds

Congress Odds

Discover the odds of Congress, delving into the likelihood of legislation actually being passed.

Are Canadians Lucky

Are Canadians Lucky

Feeling lucky? Discover how much so in comparison to the rest of the US and Canada.

Odds of Success

Odds of Success

Weigh up your odds when it comes to success in both academic and physical fields.

Are Canadians Lucky

The Average Face Of An Escort

Looking for company in Vegas? Here's what an escort will cost you, and look like…

Odds of Success

Oscar Performances In Wardrobe

Here are the stats when it comes to looking good at the Oscars, male or female.

Death Defying Celebs

The Fallen Famous

Which stars beat the odds and cheated the celebrity death lists the longest?

Superstitious Sports Fans

Superstitious Sports Fans

From lucky shirts to avoiding the game. See fans' rituals and how effective they are.

Odds of Near Miss in Airplane

Odds of a Near Miss

Maybe it's best not to know! We use data to examine the chances of a midair collision.

Winning big on business shows

Winning on Business Reality Shows

Got a great idea? Here's how you can increase your odds of winning on "Shark Tank" & "The Profit".

Odds of making it to the NFL

Odds of Making it to the NFL

Find out your true odds of making it to the National Football League.

Find success on TV singing shows

Find Success on TV Singing Shows

Ready to sing your heart out on television? Here are your odds of making the finals.

The odds of Surviving the Saw movie

The Odds of Surviving Saw

We've broken down the horror film franchise Saw to show you the odds of surviving.

Board game blowups

Odds of a game causing a blowup?

Is your family game night competitive? Find out which games cause the most fights.

What are the odds of winning Monopoly?

The odds of winning Monopoly?

Think you're a real-estate tycoon? What are the odds of winning the board game Monopoly?

Guides FAQ

When you are just starting out playing at an online casino, you are bound to have a number of questions. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions by new players.

I'm New to Online Casinos, Where Should I Start?

First, you should make sure you research the casino where you want to play. Look at the different games they offer, look at the methods they use when it comes to depositing money and receiving your payouts, and check their reputation. Always choose a quality online casino, and then you can have fun without worry.

How Can I Get the Most from My Online Casino Play?

Make sure that you have extra money available, and never play more than your budget actually allows. Do not play as a means to "get rich". It should be a fun hobby that you can actually enjoy!

What Games Can I Play?

One of the fantastic things about online casinos is the fact that they can provide gamblers with the same type of gaming experiences that they can find in offline casinos. You'll find that you can enjoy most of the same types of games that you love at the traditional casinos including roulette, blackjack, poker, and even slot machines. The key is to look for the online casinos that have the types of games that you enjoy the most.

Which Ones Offer the Better Winning Opportunities?

Just as with real life casinos, the "table games" tend to offer the best odds of winning. Even though it might seem intimidating to play these types of games online, it's actually fun, relatively easy, and far less pressure than trying to play them in a brick and mortar casino. Blackjack tends to have the best odds of winning, and it happens to be easy for new players to learn. Craps and Roulette have decent odds of winning, especially when you learn strategies for playing these different games. Slots, as simple as they are, tend to have worse odds, just as in a real casino. Still, they can be fun and worth trying.

It's often a good idea to research the online casinos you are considering, so you can learn what others have to say about their experiences when it comes to the odds of winning. Different casinos on the web may have different odds, just like in real world casinos.

Should I Invest in a Learning Strategy?

If you are completely new to the idea of playing at a casino, online or offline, it is advisable to learn a bit about the games and the strategies behind those games before you start playing. It will make playing the games more enjoyable, and your strategy will ensure you do not continue to make beginner's mistakes. You can find a number of tips and strategies online.

It's often a good idea to research the online casinos you are considering, so you can learn what others have to say about their experiences when it comes to the odds of winning. Different casinos on the web may have different odds, just like in real world casinos.

How Can I Easily Make the Transition from Offline Casinos to Online?

Moving from online to offline casinos takes a little bit of getting used to. You are no longer sat alone playing in your pajamas. Now you are surrounded by people, with bets to make and chips to place. So how do you cope?

First, get a hang of the rules of your chosen game. That will save embarrassment when everyone looks at you to make a bet. Next, get a feel for a casino before you gamble there. Learn what games they offer, the table limits, and which the busy nights are. That will avoid you turning up short of funds, or unable to find a table.

Lastly, you won’t get a welcome bonus, but you can earn comps. These could come in the form of free meals, free drinks, or a variety of other perks. Learn what they are and how to earn them as it will make your gaming a better experience.

How Can I Ensure Fair and Safe Play?

Online casino sites pride themselves on security. Not only are they responsible for large amounts of player funds, but they need to create an environment that everyone feels safe in. As a result, they bring in independent auditors to check their site and certify that everything is safe and secure. This keeps the gaming environment fair, and allows players to feel relaxed about their funds. Look for an eCOGRA or a TST seal on the casino site to know it has been independently audited.