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Poker is undeniably one of the most exciting card games in the world. And, whether you're a high-roller or beginner there's always a reason to brush up on your poker skills. Here you'll find a list of the best tested poker sites in the industry, free online poker games to play, top tips on poker strategy, bonuses, hand rankings and more.

Best online poker sites in Canada 2022

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Play online poker for real money

Playing poker for real money is a thrilling experience, but with every game naturally comes an element of risk. Keep track of the pot throughout your game, make small consistent bets throughout, and reduce your odds if your bet is equal to the real money pot to be in with a chance of winning. Learn more about real money poker before your play, and once you’re more confident in your poker strategy, you'll be ready to hit the tables.

Most popular poker games

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variations by far, with exciting tournaments held in land-based casinos and venues all over the world. If you're a fan of the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour or the European Poker Tour, you'll have likely seen Texas Hold'em in action. The game follows the basic rules we listed above, but if you've never tried the game, you can play Texas Hold'em for free before depositing any real money, at all of our top recommended online poker sites.

Omaha Poker

Also known as Omaha Hold'em, Omaha Poker is a community card poker game derived from Texas Hold'em. The game, often played as a pot-limit or fixed-limit game, grants player four cards (hole cards) dealt down, and five community cards, dealt face-up from which players are tasked with making the best five-card poker hand.

Razz Poker

Razz Poker is a seven-card game, where the winner is determined by the person with the lowest possible five-card poker hand out all seven cards. Aces are low and straights and flushes don't apply, so the best hand for players in ace through five.

Video Poker

Video poker is incredibly popular and is a computerized version of the game which uses a standard 52-card deck. There are lots of different versions of video poker, but they all work in a similar way. After you select your coin value, click the ‘Deal’ button, choose your hand, then press the ‘Draw’ button and the machine will randomly replace your discarded cards for new ones. If you make a qualifying hand, you’ll win.

Pai Gai

Pai Gai, based on the original Chinese domino game of the same name, is an interesting version of poker, and uses a standard 52-card deck with a joker, which serves as a wild card. The joker can be substituted for any ace, or to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush. Learn more about Pai Gai poker.

Play free online poker games

How to play poker online

Online poker works in the same way as the classic version you’ll find at any land-based casino. The difference here is that the cards are dealt are at random using a special software called a random number generator (RNG). Players will connect with their competitors via the game, and the computer will hold all the information on players’ hands, cards in the deck, and moves being made. To play, online poker players simply need to click the buttons during the game to inform the computer of their next move (options include check, raise, fold and so on). Find out more about the rules below.

The basic rules of Poker

The basics of poker are simple to grasp, but with so many varieties of the game, it might take a little longer to learn how to play every version. To help you get started, take a look at our basic introduction to the general rules of poker below.

  • Players can bet one or more chips at the beginning of each round
  • The game plays to the left of the dealer
  • Each player will have the option to call the previous player’s bet, by betting the same amount, betting more or dropping their bet by folding, discarding their cards and exiting the game
  • Once bets have been equalised, it’s time for the showdown
  • Players reveal their cards to see who has the best hand
  • The player with the best hand wins the round, and the pot is theirs

Popular poker terms

  • Active player

    Any player who is still in the round
  • Bet the pot

    Betting the total amount in the pot
  • Blind

    Bets made by the players left of the dealer, before the cards are dealt
  • Bluff

    Making players believe your hand is better than it is
  • Bump

    To increase your bet
  • Collusion

    When players conspire to cheat
  • Down Card

    Cards that are dealt face down
  • Drop

    To fold and lose the game
  • Deuces

    A pair of twos
  • Flat call

    Calling a bet without raising
  • Hand

    The best five cards that a player has

How to win at online poker

Poker is a game of a chance, but there’s also a place for skill and strategy in this game. To master the art of poker, players need to learn the rules inside out, learn how different strategies work, and of course brush up on those bluffing skills. Here are just a few tips from our experts on how you can improve your poker game.

Top 5 winning tips for online poker

  • Learn the rules, hand rankings and positions of the game before you play
  • Research different variations of poker to find the game that’s right for you
  • Play poker for free or low stakes while you’re getting to grips with the basics
  • Understand the odds of different hands
  • Be patient, pick your moves wisely and enjoy the game

Understanding poker odds and payouts

With so many different hands, the odds of poker can be rather complex. Odds of creating a winning hand will vary from game to game, and they can be influenced by many different factors.

Before you dive into a game of poker, it’s a good idea to read up on the different odds of potential winning hands. Learn how payouts work for that version of the game, and you’ll be in with a better chance of winning.

If you’re playing online poker, you can even keep a table of odds to hand, to help you understand more about the odds as you play.

Payouts will vary depending on whether you’re playing against other competitors or going head to head against the computer. But no matter which version you choose, the focus will be firmly on getting that winning hand, or at least making others believe that you have it.


Best online poker games providers in Canada


Where can I play online Poker?

Online poker is a hugely popular game, and it’s available at every top online Canadian site. To find a reputable place to play, take a look at our top-rated online casinos and see why players recommend them.

Are online Poker tables rigged?

No, they are not. Online poker games use random number generator software to ensure that every card dealt is done so at random. This means that the casino has no control over which card is dealt, and every game is fair for both the player and the casino.

How to play online Poker for real money?

To play online poker for real money you first need to register for an account at a reputable online casino, then simply deposit your money into your casino account. After that all you need to do is pick a poker game to play and enter your bet. If you win, you’ll win a real money cash prize, which can be withdrawn from your casino account.

Can you win at online Poker?

Yes, of course you can, provided you play at reputable online casino. Not every online casino is fair, so it’s important to choose where you play poker wisely. Every casino we recommend offers every player a reasonable chance of winning. Brush up on your poker strategy first, and you could potentially win a huge real money prize.

How does online Poker generate numbers?

Completely at random. Online poker games are uses specially developed random number generator software. This software is used to determine which cards are dealt, and it helps to make sure that the game is always fair for all players.

Can I play Poker with a live dealer?

Yes, many sites offer live casino poker. This version enables players to play poker against a professional dealer face to fance, and interact with them in real time as they play. It’s a great option for those looking for an authentic Vegas-style casino experience, and Live Texas Hold’em is a great place to start.