Credit Card Online Casinos For Canada

Credit Cards Online Casino Canadian Credit credits and Debit cards at an online casino are the most popular deposit methods for Canadian players at their chosen casino. Using a credit card or debit card to deposit is quick, easy and secure with funds being available instantly in your account.

Debit & Credit Card Casino Deposits

Are you tired of searching through dozens of search engine pages to find the best internet casinos for Canada that accept credit cards and debit cards? Let us help you out by saying that we've found Jackpot City currently offers the best experience with debit cards. There are also many other casinos accepting debit cards today, as this is a major payment method for Canadian players. Similarly, credit cards are also widely accepted by Canada casinos who want to provide convenience to their players.

However, while these two payment methods are popular in Canadian online casinos, these casinos do vary greatly in the services they offer. Players in Canada therefore need to examine the variety of games and the deposit bonuses that are being offered before joining any casinos accepting credit cards and debit cards. All of the top ranked online casinos listed here offer you:

  • Great game variety and a variety of stake levels.
  • No hassle credit card and debit card transactions for Canada.
  • Great customer service around the clock.

Pick one of these online casinos in Canada that accept credit cards and debit cards here and win today!

How To Get Started Quickly

Paying with debit or credit at a casino is one of the easiest ways to make a deposit at an online casino because 99% of folks reading this will already have a card (or five...) in their wallet or purse. As such, there are very few steps to follow once you've found an online casino with credit or debit cards as supported payment options.

  • Make your way to the Cashier area and choose credit/debit card as your payment option
  • Follow the instructions onscreen, which will probably involve entering the long number across the card as well as your security code and a few other details
  • Enter the amount of cash you want to transfer and wait for it to appear in your online gambling account

And that's all there is to it! In some cases, depending on the individual casino and your card provider, you can also make withdrawals with debit or credit at online gambling sites.

Be aware that not all debit/credit card providers support online gambling transactions and, while they'll rarely put holds on your payments, you may be met with little sympathy if you try to claim back any fraudulent spending stemming from online casino/poker/sports betting transactions.

Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards & Debit Cards

Effect instant deposits and jump straight into some great online casino action.

You want to know that you are depositing at the safest and most reliable Canadian online casino. Accepting debit cards and credit cards might have become more common, but that has just made it harder to discover the best places that accept these payment methods. You want to see great sign up bonuses, payment options, exciting games and comprehensive customer support, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck when you play in these online casinos. Accepting debit cards and credit cards is important, but the Canadian casinos that made our top list must also have all the above features.

Our reviewers have scoured the Internet to find you the best Internet casinos accepting credit cards and debit cards. We have searched high and low to find our Canadian casino players the best deals which we have then compiled into our top list.

We have also made sure that each of these top casinos accepting credit cards and debit cards meet Canadian regulations for legal gaming. You can play with the assurance that you're in compliance without all the hassle of searching through the thousands of casinos online. Our reviewers are always adamant about security, and your personal and financial information will never be compromised. That's important when using your credit card or debit card at online casinos for Canadian players.

Find The Best Canadian Sites Today

While debit cards and credit cards are accepted on an online casino, those we have listed above all offer secure gaming to ensure that your money is safe while you play in your favourite games. Accepting credit cards and debit cards also have the advantage of allowing you to effect instant deposits, meaning you can jump straight into some great online casino action.

This convenience is important and we have provided you with it by bringing you our list of the best casinos accepting debit cards and credit cards for Canadian players. You don't want to waste your time looking for a good Canada credit card casino with solid payment options. Instead, you want to be playing.

So use our top list of Canada online casinos accepting credit cards and debit cards to get playing now. Remember, those jackpots won't wait to be won. Get into some great Canadian online casino action now and see if you can hit a million dollar prize.


Credit and debit cards are some of the best payment methods to use for online gambling in Canada. What makes these options even better is the attractive bonus offers that come along with every deposit. From the very moment you sign up to a reviewed and recommended casino you will have the opportunity to collect welcome promotions that can increase the value of your bankroll. Free spins on Monster Hunt, Wild Orient, or other new slot releases will be yours for the taking. Join the loyalty club to earn even more. Continue making a credit or debit card deposit to collect further promotions and incentives.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
Our online gaming experts have searched high and low to find the best gaming sites that accept credit and debit cards as a method of payment. Unfortunately, along the way, they found some that are scoundrels and need to be blacklisted. Fortunately they are listed here so that you can avoid them and only go with trustworthy sites.
Slots of Vegas
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
Get the best online casino options with our search utility, or use our tool to help you locate a more specific casino option.

Credit and Debit Card FAQ

Can’t decide whether to use your credit or debit card? Wondering whether your favourite casino will accept your card? Get in the know with our handy FAQ section, designed to help you to make the right choice for your gambling preferences.

Should I Use A Debit Or Credit Card?

That depends on your personal spending habits and preferences. Using a credit card requires you to have some degree of bankroll management; otherwise there is a huge risk of over spending. Debit cards only allow you to use them within your means, so there is no risk of over spending. However, utilizing a credit card is perfect for when you receive a regular income that can pay off the credit before you get any charges.

Which One Is Better?

Both are good in their own ways. However, using a debit card won’t incur any additional hidden fees and it keeps you spending within your budget. A credit card, while more expensive, is good for getting extra rewards and bonuses that debit cards don’t offer.

Are They Both Safe To Use?

That depends on your debit or credit card holder, as each have varying methods of online security. However, if you are using one of the bigger named cards, your personal safety is always treated as tantamount. Don’t forget, financial transactions made over the Internet always carry some level of personal risk. Always carry out decent online safety practices, like only making financial transactions over secured Wi-Fi and reputable sites. These small steps should keep you covered in the unlikely eventuality of theft or fraud.

Are They Accepted At Most Casinos?

Unless you are playing at a casino that specifically only accepts payments via a certain eWallet, the casino you are playing at will accept visa and credit card. Because there’s so many of them we’ve created a list of our favourite casinos to play in that accept both visa and credit. 

Are Fees Typically Involved With Both Methods?

Your credit card provider is likely to charge fees, as per your terms and conditions. Debit cards are less likely to charge fees, unless you go overdrawn. The casino’s listed here won’t charge you extra for choosing either method.