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eCheck Online CasinosInstant Echecks at Canada online casinos are one of the most popular deposit methods for Canadian players. eChecks allow you to deposit straight from your bank account and are one of the safest and most secure deposit methods. If you're looking to get started quickly, Jackpot City is our #1 site for eCheck payments out of our reviewed sites.

One of the most popular funding options for Canadian Internet casino players is the eCheck. It works exactly like a physical cheque, but is processed instantly when used to make a deposit at a Canada casino online. Sites accepting Echeck sometimes require Canadians to visit their bank or use their electronic bank account to first initiate an eCheck casino payment. However, once one is secured, this payment option is one of the safest, quickest and most secure for depositing at gambling sites. Are you weary of searching through the dozens sites for Canadian casinos that accept Echecks? We have done all the searching for you and found the best that offer:

  • A huge selection of games at our recommended online casinos accepting Echeck.
  • Easy to use software and excellent graphics to give you plenty of fun.
  • Customer service that is available 24/7, along with the best security possible.

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Making eCheck Casino Deposits

When using an eCheck to fund a Canadian online casino account, the first step is to obtain the information required from the site. This information includes the destination of the cheque and is typically available in the cashier section. You can then take this information to your primary bank and ask the teller to prepare an eCheck for the casino. Most banks will require that you pay a fee for your deposit but these are typically very low - less than 1% of the total written eCheck. Once the teller has prepared the eCheck and it is ready to send, you will receive a receipt stating that the money was sent to the Canadian Echeck casino. Keep this receipt for your records in case you have to contact customer service.

Advantages Of eCheck Banking

eCheck casino payment are popular not just with Canadian players, but with online gamblers all over the world. And, when you think about it, that's really not surprising. The humble paper check may not be used as much as it once was in the days before online gambling arrived on the scene, but it was always a very secure payment method.

The same is true of eCheck payments - only an online casino with eCheck among its accepted payment methods can claim the cash, and they can only claim as much as you've indicated on the eCheck. But, because there's no need to mail physical items or deposit them at the bank, the process of using eChecks is much quicker than a physical check could ever hope to be.

What's more, this is a genuinely convenient banking option because the average Canadian is already familiar with using checks and the process of generating an eCheck is very similar.

Many Canadians use eChecks to deposit at online casinos.

Why Canadians Use eCheck

Many Canadians use eChecks to deposit at online casinos because they offer the same exceptional security and verification structure as physical cheques. eCheck fraud is prosecuted as aggressively as cheque fraud and you can be sure that your money is safe as it is being deposited online. However, it is crucial that you ensure that you have the funds available in your chequing account when writing an eCheck for a Canada casino online. Before depositing at a Canadian gambling site that accepts Echecks, the teller will check to see if you have the funds before issuing it, it is possible to then spend the money before the eCheck has cleared. If this happens, you might be charged a fee (typically C$30.00) by the casino site.

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The Right Site for You

eCheck casino payments might not be the first payment method you think of when you're considering how to transfer cash to and from your online gambling accounts but, as we've seen above, it has a lot to recommend it - all of the safety and security measures of a physical check are paired with the speed and convenience of other digital banking options. If you want to try using eCheck for yourself, we recommend that you check out any of the trustworthy and reliable casino sites on this page.


When you want a secure deposit method, with large maximums, eCheck is one of the best options. Plus by using eCheck at your preferred casino you will get instant access to incredible bonus offers. Beginning immediately after signing up for a free account at any of the casinos we recommend, a welcome bonus can be yours. Take advantage of free spins on new game releases and discover whether or not you have a passion for slots. VIP perks, prize giveaways, and faster withdrawals will also be available to club members. Load your account with further eCheck deposits and get a reload bonus and more free spins. To join in on the fun with other Canadians, sign up for an account now.

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eCheck FAQ

Like a cheque, but electronic – eCheck is the modern and faster way to make deposits at the casino. Get the low down on this super speedy and simply way to deposit cash and do your online casino banking.

How Does It Work?

eChecks are actually really similar to the way that normal cheques work, other than the fact that you can do it on your computer or iPad. You fill out the eCheck online and then it gets sent over to the payee. There’s some slight waiting time while the funds clear from one account to the other but then once everything is validated the money is safely deposited over.

Is It A Secure Form Of Payment?

It’s a safer way of making payments over the Internet, as you don’t have to enter your private account details. The company uses public key cryptography and digital signatures, as well as transaction encryption for enhanced online security and reduced rates of fraud and theft.

Do They Allow Online Gambling Use?

eCheck allows you deposit your funds in your best loved online casino, with no hassle.

Are They Accepted At Most Online Casinos?

Canadian readers are in luck, as there are quite a few casinos that accept eCheck as a method of payment. It’s a matter of finding one that you love that also accepts this method. The casinos that are listed on this page are a unique pairing of the two, as they also happen to be our resident expert’s top rated sites.

Are They Instant?

You will have an agree limit with eChecks as to how much money per month you are allowed to deposit instantly. This depends on your personal terms and agreements with them.

How Are My Winnings Paid?

You have the opportunity at all good casinos to select up to 10 different methods of paying and receiving payment. It’s your prerogative to choose any method that accepts withdrawals.

Are There Any Charges Involved?

There will be no additional fees to using eCheck when you use any of our listed casinos. Fees with this method are down to your agreed terms and conditions, so make sure that you read up before you make any deposits. eCheck offer reduced cost bundles on larger amounts of money transferred at a time, so that’s something to take into consideration when using the service.