Making Online Casino Wire Transfers in Canada

Wire Transfer CasinosWhile this banking method is definitely less common among Canadian online casino players, it's still possible to find sites that accept wire transfers, and we've put these casinos through their paces to separate out the best from the rest.

For us, a truly great bank transfer or wire transfer casino online not only accepts this method for uploading and withdrawing funds, but it also offers Canadians a great all round gambling experience.

We've managed to find some awesome wire and bank transfer casinos online that do just that, and you can see the full list of them below. However, one stands out head and shoulders above the rest, and for our expert panel that casino was Jackpot City.

All our best wire and bank transfer casinos online offer Canadians:

  • Easy and 100% secure wire or bank transfer deposits and withdrawals
  • Brilliant welcome bonuses for Canadians using wire or bank transfers
  • An excellent games portfolio where you can play for real Canadian Dollars

If you're ready to play in a wire or bank transfer casino take a look at our list below and get ready to have a great online casino experience.

Advantages Of Wire Transfer Online Gambling

When you're dealing with real hard earned cash, there's no greater substitute than the peace of mind that using a wire or bank transfer casino online to deposit funds offers.

Making a wire transfer at casino sites is a very popular payment method with Canadian players, and for good reason. The most obvious advantage is that - no matter how tech savvy you are - you've probably sent at least one wire transfer in your life, even if you were only sending money to a friend. Online casino wire transfer payments work in exactly the same way.

And they're just as quick as sending money to a friend too! There may be a short wait associated with transferring cash via a wire transfer, particularly when cashing out, but we're not talking about any serious length of time here; a few days will usually be enough time to cash out.

Plus, there's no denying that online casino wire transfer payments are seriously convenient. There's nothing extra to sign up for, as you can send one via your existing online banking with just a few clicks. All in all, wire transfers have to go down as one of the trustiest and most reliable payment methods around.

Wire Transfer Gambling - Getting Started

The act of actually sending a casino wire transfer payment couldn't be much similar and, as we've already mentioned above, it's a process that you'll probably already be familiar with from your day to day life. Here's what it might look like at the average casino site, although things do vary from casino to casino:

  • Make your way to the Cashier section of an online gambling site and select wire transfer
  • You'll be presented with payment details and a reference code, perhaps your casino membership number, to enter in your online banking
  • Log in to your online banking as normal, enter the information and choose how much cash you want to send. Done!

The speed of wire transfers will depend on the casino you're using but, generally speaking, they clear very quickly. You may even be able to start using your wire-transferred cash in your online gambling account straight away.

What Canadian Players Should Expect

Not only will you never have to enter or share any sensitive data or information about yourself, but you have the knowledge that your money is being professionally and securely transferred. So there's absolutely zero danger of anything going awry. Providing you choose to play at one of our tried and tested recommended bank or wire transfer casinos online, there's no reason your real Canadian Dollars won't be 100% safe.

Such a tight and guaranteed level of security does come at a price, and Canadians who opt for using the wire or bank transfer deposit method should expect to pay fees for this service.

These fees can sometimes two-fold. Not only will your bank charge you, but in some cases your chosen online casino may also impose a fee for using this method. So it's worthwhile reading the T&C's surrounding making transfers to ensure you're not caught out with any unexpected charges.

However, for many Canadians who choose to deposit funds to their online casino banking account using wire transfer the security this payment method offers justifies the costs.

The Transaction Time

The other thing about wire transfer or bank transfer casinos online that we have to flag is the time delay. Bank and wire transfers are subject to delays that may last several days, so we don't recommend this banking method if you need to deposit funds to your account to play with immediately.

Using a bank or wire transfer to make deposits to an online casino is a pretty old school approach. But if you don't want to share any of your personal details online, then really a bank or wire transfer online casino is your only option. It's by far the safest method for depositing and withdrawing real money, but the flip side is you'll have to wait a few days before your funds show up in your online casino account. That's not so great if you're looking to start playing instantly.

Some Faster Options

For those who want to have their money instantly available, we recommend looking at e-wallet (e.g. Skrill or prepaid cards, the latter of which in particular is also a great way of staying safe online. You can read more about these methods in our dedicated ewallet online casino and prepaid card casino pages.

However, if you're happy to wait for your funds to be released, fees aren't an issue, and security is of the upmost importance, then a wire or bank transfer casino is probably going to offer the best option to suit you.

The Final Word

People sometimes say that familiarity breeds contempt, but that's definitely not the case with wire transfers - it's their familiarity that makes wire transfers so popular, along with their convenience, security and ease of use. Casino sites only receive as much cash as you've sent so, if you're the least bit unsure about a casino's legitimacy, you can start with a small deposit and work your way up. Of course, you won't need to worry about that if you stick with our list of reputable and safe casinos that accept wire transfer payments.


Are you ready to get into the nonstop casino action? If so make sure to take a look at the new player bonus made available to you after signing up for a free account at any of the recommended gambling sites. Make your deposit with a wire transfer and you'll have the chance to redeem hundreds or thousands of dollars. Free spins on new slot games will be ready and waiting. As you wire money into your casino account, you will be flaunted with frequent match promotions and incentives. As if that were not enough, cashback schemes will help you to compensate for those untimely losing streaks. All of this entertainment and riches will come your way when you make your first wire transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wire and Bank Transfers work in Canada?

Yes they do. All banks in Canada will offer their account holders an option to transfer money wirelessly. Visit your branch for more info on the specific service they offer.

How do I use a wire or bank transfer?

You just go to your physical bank branch in Canada and explain to them that you want to transfer money wirelessly. They'll require the account details you want to send the money to so you'll need to already have set-up an account with one of our recommended wire and bank transfer casinos beforehand. Then you just need to tell them the specific amount you'd like transferred. It's that easy and should take no more than a few minutes for the cashier to execute.

Do wire and bank transfers allow online casino transactions?

Yes and no. While for the most part you won't have any trouble sending money to your casino account this way, some banks are a little apprehensive about sending money to online casinos so it's worth speaking to an in-branch advisor if you do decide you'd like to deposit funds to your casino account online using the wireless payment method.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Both deposits and withdrawals using wire or bank transfer take days to complete so we don't advise using this method if you're not prepared to wait for your funds to hit your account.

Are wire and bank transfers safe to use?

They're 100% safe. None of your personal details are ever shared so there's no risk whatsoever to your online security. It's one of the reasons Canadians opt to send money using this service.

Do wire and bank transfers charge for use?

Unfortunately yes, and the fees can be pretty substantial. We advise you check with your bank to see what their fee structure is around wire transfer transactions and also with the casino you've elected to play at, as they may also impose a charge for depositing and withdrawing funds using this method.