Mega Moolah Slot Review 2020

9.1 /10
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SOFTWARE Microgaming
Reels: 5
Max Wager: $6.25
Max Payout: Unlimited
Paylines: 1-25
Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot: 4x Progressive
Potentially huge jackpot Wild symbol doubles winnings Free spin mode triples winnings Entertaining theme with great symbols

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Hit the Big Time with Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive video slot created by Microgaming and featured at leading online casinos in Canada.

It follows the standard layout of five reels and three rows while incorporation popular features like wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spins mode.

The real advantage provided by the game and one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among online players is the Mega progressive jackpot which starts at a cool million US dollars. There are also three smaller progressive jackpots found in the game and each one can be won from the bonus game, which is triggered randomly.

How the game works

The game has a theme set in Africa where the wild animals represent the main symbols. The icons show these animals as they are having fun and smiling on the spinning reels. To complete the paytable, Microgaming has added five card symbols of different colours which range from 10 to Ace.

When playing Mega Moolah at online casino sites, which can only be done for real money, the user must select the size of the bet from the buttons on the bottom of the screen. These allow one to select up to 25 lines for the screen where combinations pay from the leftmost reel moving to the right.

The lion symbol is wild and can help create wins while the monkey is a scatter which will also trigger free spins in addition to its combination pay-out.

  • Symbols

    Knowing and recognising the symbols in Mega Moolah is vital to making the most of the game, get to grips with the symbols, what they mean, and their pay-outs before diving into the action:


    The lowest symbol when it comes to paying out, the 10 symbol offers a nice baseline of winnings on which to build. The 10 pays out 40 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    Offering a slightly better pay-out than the 10, the Jack symbol picks up the pace slightly. The Jack pays out 60 coins for a 5-symbol payline .


    A mid-range symbol, the Queen sits comfortably above the bottom pay-out levels. The Queen pays out 75 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    Look out for the King symbol as you're playing, this symbol kicks off the start of the 3-digit pay-outs. The King pays out 100 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    At the top of the low paying symbols we have the Ace, taking the pay-out count up to a sweet 150 coins. The Ace pays out 150 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    The animal symbols take things up a notch, with the Kudu getting us started from the ground up. The Kudu pays out 250 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    Edging the winnings up even further is the Zebra symbol, meaning you can look forward to nice pay-outs when you start seeing stripes. The Zebra pays out 400 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    The symbols keep on giving, and it's no different with the giraffe, offering up a nice round 500 coins at the max. The Giraffe pays out 500 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    Keep your eyes peeled for a herd of buffalo because these ones have got huge pay-outs following close behind them. The Buffalo pays out 600 coins for a 5-symbol payline.


    Behind the Lion Wild symbol, the Elephant is the highest paying symbol when it comes to pay-outs. The Elephant pays out 750 coins for a 5-symbol payline.

    Lion Wild

    One of the 2 symbols you really want to keep your eye out for, the Lion Wild substitutes for any other symbol drawn, completing combinations that could result in winnings. This symbol also has its own combinations for winning pay-outs.

    Monkey Scatter

    This symbol gives you access to the free spins bonus round, by getting 3 or more on the reels, where you could win even more! The free spins feature can be re-triggered by hitting 3 Monkey Scatters within the bonus round.

  • Jackpot

    The jackpot is awarded randomly when playing Mega Moolah.

    Jackpot review teams have, however, noticed that the Mega Moolah odds improve as the bet increases, so a maximum wager will provide the best chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

    It's all done in the bonus game, which can be triggered on any spin since it doesn't require a set combination of symbols. Given the fact that the amounts are progressive, they increase as bets are placed by players on the entire network. Mega Moolah odds are also linked to several other slots which share the same jackpots and thus the betting activity for increasing them.

    When the bonus game activates, the screen will change to show a large wheel with 20 sections on it of different colours. Each colour matches one of the four progressive jackpots: red is Mini, orange is Minor, yellow is Major and white is Mega. The frequency of the colours is connected with the size of the jackpots so while there are 10 red sectors, there is only one white.

    The wheel can be spun once per bonus game and it stops randomly, with the arrow showing the winning sector. The corresponding jackpot is awarded automatically, resetting the amount to its initial value, and going back to the main game screen.

  • Tips/Tricks

    For the most part, online slots are completely random. Meaning there's not much you can do to swing things in your favour.

    However, there are a couple of tips & tricks you can try using to your advantage when you start playing Mega Moolah.

    • Bet bigger for better chances of hitting the bonus round
    • Study the paytable to become familiar with winning combinations
    • Set betting limits & stick to them
  • Mobile

    Microgaming has made sure that its most popular slot was not limited to only one platform and created a mobile version that pretty much works on all modern devices. Mega Moolah online casino players don't have to stop betting for the jackpot since they can always have the opportunity at their fingertips, no matter the time or the location.

    Compatibility is perfect as the developer clearly states that the Mega Moolah online slot has been optimized for Android, iOS and Windows mobile smartphone and tablets. Even Blackberry users can get in on the real cash gaming action without any hassle as long as they have a compatible web browser app installed. Yes, the mobile progressive slot can be enjoyed without even having to download a mobile app.

    A few big jackpots have already been awarded to mobile players so there is no need to worry about getting the cash if luck strikes as long as you are playing at a reliable online casino. There are some slight changes in the interface to make sure that the buttons for setting the bet don't take up more space on the smaller screens than they have to.

  • Conclusion

    In short, Canadian players will very likely enjoy Mega Moolah at a top Microgaming casino. A game that has paid around half a billion Canadian dollars to date is something to pay attention to. Each spin can result in a seven-figure win and the Mega jackpot can even go beyond C$10,000,000 given enough time without it being triggered. All bets contribute to the growth of the progressive jackpots.

    And it is not just about the jackpot, although it is certainly the main attraction. Free spins with tripled wins and wild symbols that double the prize can make for nice payouts as well. In fact, even without hitting a jackpot, wins from a single bet can go up to 225,000 coins with the right combination of features.

    In conclusion, you should read these Mega Moolah tips and give the game a spin, or several. Somebody is going to win the Mega jackpot, so why not throw your hat in the ring?


How does Mega Moolah work?

Mega Moolah works exactly like other online slots. You pick your coin size, number of coins, and number of paylines and then hit “Spin”. It's as simple as that!

The only difference with Mega Moolah is that there's a huge progressive jackpot available if you hit the right symbols.

How do I play Mega Moolah online?

Really simply, by heading to one of our top recommended online casinos. Pick out your favourite, sign up, and start playing.

What's the biggest jackpot amount?

In theory, it’s unlimited. There are 4 tiers of progressive jackpots in Mega Moolah: Mini, Minor, Major, Mega, and each of these have minimum amounts that they will always start from.

As Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot, this means that every bet placed on the game adds to the jackpot amounts – the more you bet, the more there is to win!

Can I play Mega Moolah on my mobile?

As long as the online casino you're playing at supports mobile play, then yes.

The game works wonderfully on mobile, allowing you to take those big wins on the go, but this is dependent on the casino you're playing at supporting your chosen mobile device.

Can I play Mega Moolah for free?

Sadly, no. This is due to the progressive nature of the slot, meaning that every player needs to be wagering for real money.

That said, there are plenty of great online casinos out there that are well worth joining in order to get a piece of the Mega Moolah action.