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Online Trolling Report:

The Most TROLLED Celebrities Online

Trolled Celebrity Tweets

Online trolling is on the rise with 23% of brits being targeted online. Although those aged 18 to 24 are the most likely to be cyberbullied, celebrities are at the centre of criticism with their lives in the spotlight.

Here at , we took a look at the world's most trolled celebrities from Donald Trump to Katie Price, to find out who receives the most negativity from Twitter trolls.

We pulled a list of 42 celebrities that have been trolled the most in 2019 and analysed the sentiment of each post (a total of 500,000 tweets) to discover what % of those included positive messaging vs negative. This allowed us to rank each celebrity and reveal the world’s most trolled celebrity based on the highest number of negative tweets about them.

Adele revealed as the most trolled celebrity online - more than Donald Trump

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Our data reveals that British singer Adele is the most trolled celebrity online, even more so than the US president, Donald Trump.

Shockingly, Adele topped Trump with a massive 66% of negative sentiment compared to his 48%. The data shows that although Trump receives many more mentions than Adele, 21% of them include positive messaging whereas Adele receives just 15% positivity. The negative tweets outweigh the positive for Adele putting her at the top of the list.

Female celebrities trolled more than Male

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Interestingly, the top ten most trolled celebrities are predominantly female. So even the likes of Piers Morgan, known for causing an uproar online, came out with 50% negative sentiment, easily surpassed by actress-come-royal Meghan Markle at 53%, and reality show star Gemma Collins at 57%. Whereas, Love Island and boxing star Tommy Fury only received 46% behind Donald Trump and Piers Morgan. Interestingly, Tommy’s partner in the show, Molly-Mae Hague, still ranked above him and all other Love Island contestants with 48% negative sentiment.

Reality Tv Stars at the centre of online trolling

But what is it about Reality TV that puts it at the centre of our report? When people make it into the public eye, as a brand themselves, they are also put under public scrutiny especially when it comes to their personality and appearance. Coming in second place in our online trolling report is The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins, who finds herself consistently at the centre of online conversation with a massive 57% negative sentiment.

The difference with reality stars is that unlike actors or musicians their lives are seen as entertainment and therefore trolls feel as if they have the right the comment on it, leaving the person feeling vulnerable and unsafe. With the increase in reality tv, trolling has put the pressure on broadcasters to implement better psychological support for their stars. Love Island is the show held under the most scrutiny for this, as previous contestants Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis both committed suicide after suffering from their mental health after the show. So with this focus it’s interesting that even after the treatment of Dani Dyer in 2018 she still gains 14% negative sentiment on Twitter compared to 2019 contestants Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins who follow closely with 13% and 11%.

The Kardashians are always hitting headlines either alone or as a collective, so it’s no surprise that they made their way onto the list. But, of all the Kardashians, who receives the most negative mentions online?

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Which Kardashian gets trolled online the most?

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At 23% it was a close call between the three older sisters for the most negative sentiment online, but Kim Kardashian exceeds the entire Kardashian clan for online trolling. Surprisingly, after Caitlyn Jenner’s stint in the jungle, the reality star received the least negative sentiment at just 4% but why are they inundated with these comments to begin with?

Why is online trolling on the rise?

Celebrity Online trolling is on the rise, as digital media continues to evolve, celebrities are now more accessible than ever. This goes hand in hand with the publics’ ability to share their opinions directly through social media.

Hiding behind screens and spouting opinions, these online trolls have real-world consequences with their disruptive comments and this is the part we need to focus on. Negative dominated positive sentiment in our analysis, proving that people are thinking less and less of the human ramifications of their words and taking pleasure in damaging lives.

In 2020, it seems more than ever that trolls are just accepted as a part of the digital world, but is it time we stopped rising to their hate? Harassment in the digital world should be treated as any other offence. So what can you do if you are the victim of online trolling? It is recommended that you check your privacy settings to secure your social media, and then block, delete and report the accounts trolling you. It is imperative that you do not engage with the trolls and if at any time you feel threatened you should report the online abuse to the police.

If you think you're being cyberbullied and need help, here is where you can seek advice:

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We analysed the social sentiment of a list of celebrities on Twitter from November 1st 2019 to January 7th 2020, reviewing over 500,000 tweets using . From this we ranked the celebrities with over 30+ mentions for their sentiment analysing if positive, neutral or negative terms were used towards them.