No Zero Roulette online casinos 2022

No Zero Roulette

When playing online roulette, the house edge is tied to the European game's inclusion of zero and the American version's additional double-zero. The existence of those zeroes means that the odds are slightly against you. However, by eliminating them the house edge is gone and your chances of winning are now 50-50, say if you bet on black.

But where best to find No Zero Roulette online? Our team has shortlisted the best sites for you, with Jackpot City our #1 pick. Read on to find:

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How does No Zero Roulette work?

The elimination of zeros from the roulette wheel gives you a big advantage. Consider that the odds of winning a single number bet on American roulette are 38-1, and of winning the same bet on European roulette is 37-1.

However, these games only pay 35-1. That means that the single zero version of the game has a house edge of 2.63%, and American roulette, with the additional zero, offers a house edge of 5.26%. These advantages reduce your chances of winning.

Getting rid of the zero also eliminates these house edges. When you play no zero roulette at online casino sites, you are now enjoying true or straight odds. That's the fairest type of bet that a gambler can make.

According to basic math, with the house edge eliminated, if you played roulette indefinitely, you would eventually break even. In the real world, playing no zero with its lack of a house edge allows players that hit a winning streak to make maximum amounts of cash.

If you want to play no zero roulette online, you'll find that only a few Internet casinos offer this great game. Those who gamble at brick and mortar casinos are out of luck entirely as far as no zero is concerned, as none offer it.

Why is it hard to find?

Many online casinos are reluctant to offer a game where the player gains an advantage. Doing so lowers their profits. As an example, if you place a bet on black, which pays 1:1, with European or American roulette your chances of winning are less than 50-50. At some point either the zero or double zero, which are green, will be hit and all black and red bets will go to the house.

But with no zero, the odds with the black/red bet are 50-50, and there's always a winner. Over an indefinite amount of time making such a bet will result in the player breaking even. Thus, with no zero roulette one way that casinos protect themselves from the loss of their edge is by instituting much lower maximum betting limits.

Relying on the risk of ruin

Casinos that do offer no zero roulette are protected by a gambling concept known as the risk of ruin. This idea is governed by the fact that in a 50-50 wagering situation, such as a coin flip, with two people betting on different outcomes, one player will win and one will lose.

The difference in this scenario is the size of each player's bankroll. Thus, with a coin flip or the black/red bet on the roulette table, the player with the smaller bank has a better chance of losing their cash before they win. This is because their bank supports fewer bets.

If one player has $300 with which to bet and the other has $3,000 and they both make $30 wagers, the second gambler's bank will last longer. The first player has a greater risk of ruin. If the player with $300 makes $50 bets, they increase their risk even more. Mathematically, because all bankrolls are limited to some degree, casinos stand to profit, especially from those who have less cash with which to play.

This means that even though no zero roulette offers you a much better chance of winning than American or European the numbers are still on the casino's side. Add to this the fact that the large majority of those who play single number roulette bets will lose those wagers on any given turn and house maximums are low, and it becomes clear that even without a house edge, the casino is in a safe place.

Thus, at an online casino, no zero roulette is certainly better for players, and it's a good deal for casinos looking to attract gamblers who want a real edge.

Choosing where to play

There's no doubt that, in the average online casino, no zero roulette games are still pretty rare. Generally speaking, only the most well established casino giants and scrappy upstarts who are trying to make a name for themselves offer this game. However, as we've seen above, it's well worth seeking out No Zero Roulette. Casino games where players can, theoretically at least, break even thanks to a total lack of house edge are few and far between and that's exactly what makes this game so enticing. Check out the casinos we recommend on this page to get a taste of No Zero Roulette for yourself – we think you'll end up falling in love with the game very quickly indeed!

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No Zero Roulette FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive concerning no zero roulette. The answers provided offer the most up-to-date information, however please be advised that the online casino industry changes rapidly and new innovations are always taking place. Thus, you should expect more developments in no zero roulette and your ability to access it.

Where can I find No Zero Roulette at online casinos?

You'll find no zero roulette with the other roulette offerings such as European, American, French, multi-ball and multi-player roulette. Because the no zero version is relatively new and many players like it, you may also find it featured on a casino's homepage. To locate casinos that are presently offering this game, please see our site, which includes information on this player-preferred game.

Is no zero roulette popular in Canada?

Yes, for those in Canada who play at online casinos, it is a very popular game. This is because with the elimination of zero and double zero, players are getting true odds with no zero, and they have a much better chance of winning.

Are the betting rules the same as European and American roulette?

Yes, overall the betting rules are the same. However, there's no zero bet, as there is in the European version, and no zero or double zero wager, as you'll find in American. But the lack of those numbers and bets actually increases a player's chances of winning all other bets, especially those with lower odds such as odd/even and red/black.

The other betting change that is associated with no zero has to do with maximum wagers, which are lower for no zero. This is due to the fact that the house edge has been eliminated and the casino has assumed more risk by offering this type of roulette. In order to offset this risk a bit, they lower max bets on no zero.

How much can I bet?

This varies from casino to casino. As mentioned in the question above, maximumbets are lower for no zero than they are for American, French, and European roulette. In terms of what you should wager, most professionals agree that you should use your bankroll judiciously, playing a small percentage of your bank on each turn in an effort to benefit from getting more spins of the wheel.

As an example, if you bring $200 to the roulette table and each time you wager on a spin place bets totaling $5.00 or 2.5% of your bankroll, you'll enjoy 40 spins before having to win or losing your stake. That's double the number of turns and chances you'd have to win if you'd bet $10.00 or 5% each time. Once you win, depending on how much you take in, you can increase your next wager by 10% to 20%. If you win on the next turn too, increase the amount bet again, but if you lose, go back to your original wager.

Can I play real cash games on a mobile device, such as an Android or iPhone, or on a tablet?

There are online casinos that offer no zero roulette as part of their mobile or tablet versions. Often these are the larger casinos that have a lot of members and are able to provide them with fairly full versions of their Internet-based casino. Not every online casino that provides no zero roulette also has it for mobile devices or tablets.

Do they have a live dealer version?

At this point there is not an online live dealer version of this game; nor are any brick and mortar casinos offering it. Online live dealer games are provided on a limited basis, as they involve more expense and take in less money, as there's more time between spins or turns than there is with computer controlled games. Plus, casinos make a smaller amount of money on no zero roulette than they do on the other popular types, giving them less reason to have a live dealer version.

However, you can play standard online roulette with live dealers.

Can I try no zero roulette for free?

Yes, many casinos online provide players with the opportunity to try no zero roulette for free. They do this because they understand that if you have never played a certain game before, you'd like to first try it without any risk being involved. They also know that if they do allow you to play for free, there's a much better chance that you'll begin wagering cash on the wheel and not just stay with virtual money bets.