Top 10 online casino tips for Canadian players

You don't go shopping without a list. You wouldn't plan a cross-Canada road trip without some sort of map. So why would you play at an online casino without a bit of direction? Before dropping your chips on the table, check out our top 10 online casino tips for Canadian gamblers.

  1. Use sites that cater specifically to Canadians

    Top 10 Casnadian Online Casinos

    There are thousands of Canadian online casinos trying to compete for your business. And let's face it. A lot of the casinos look, sound, and feel the same. In fact, many of them use the same software, are licensed in the same jurisdiction, and offer the same suite of games that Canadians love to play.

    However, not all of them cater specifically for Canadian online casino players. when choosing your casino, pick those that let you play in C$, support Canada-friendly banking options, have toll-free Canadian banking options, and even have French speaking support for those that prefer using that language. When a casino caters for your specific needs, it is much easier to relax and have fun - and it's when you are in that frame of mind that you will start winning.

  2. Only play at trusted online casinos

    It's hard enough to trust people in person. How are you supposed to trust an online casino site in Canada that could be operating from half-a-world away? It's quite easy, actually. Just look for Canadian online casinos that are licensed and regulated by international gaming authorities. Many are also independently audited by industry experts such as eCOGRA and will display their findings on the casino's website. And check out the payout percentages, too. The big sites will usually post them on their site for everyone to see.

    Finally, don't forget to use a comparison site like We have ranked and rated dozens of casinos to bring you those you can trust.

  3. Keep a close eye on welcome bonuses

    It all starts with welcome bonuses. When you sign up for an online casino that offers a welcome bonus, your initial deposit is matched by the casino. Sometimes the match bonus is 100%. It could be 200%. It could be 300%. It varies from casino to casino, and so does the cap associated with the bonus (some casinos might cap their bonuses at $200, $500, etc. to make sure they have enough money to go around). The bonus money is usually released in increments after you've wagered a specific amount. But terms and conditions vary from casino to casino so do some comparison-shopping before shelling out your loonies.

  4. Look for big progressive jackpots

    Some sites literally offer hundreds of online video slots to play. But not every Canadian slot machine is created equal. Some are famous for big bonus rounds. Others are famous for simplicity. You'll want to search out the ones with the big progressive jackpots. With more people feeding the machines, you'll see jackpots climb to record heights at a crazy-fast rate. And if you pop it, that means an insane amount of money in your pocket, especially those with high payout rates.

  5. Only gamble what you can afford to lose

    If you're gambling exclusively to make a buck, you're not gambling smart. Online gambling in Canada should be looked at as a form of entertainment. Obviously, you want to make money and sometimes you'll do just that. But there's a good chance you could lose some cash. That's why you should never bring more money than you are willing to, and can afford to, lose. Set a weekly or monthly gambling budget and stick to it.

  6. Find online casinos that have safe, secure banking

    If an online casino tells you the only way to get money into their account is by mailing them a check or wiring some money to them through Western Union, stay away. Only play at sites that offer safe and secure banking options. In Canada, you'll want to look for the made-in-Canada solution Use My Bank. Sites that offer eChecks, Wire Transfers, and Visa and MasterCard are also worth looking at. But before depositing, make sure you read the site's security and privacy policy. If they don't use the type of encryption that's standard for Canadian online casinos, we don't recommend playing there.

  7. Understand which games offer the best casino odds

    If your goal is to make money, make sure you know what you're getting into. Some casino games are notorious for favouring the house. Others are famous for giving players more of an edge. And that doesn't just vary from game to game. Some games feature great bets and not-so-great bets. If you take the time to learn which games and bet types are the most lucrative, you'll make those loonies roll further.

  8. Play some free play games to get used to the rules

    If you sit down at a blackjack table at Casino Niagara without actually knowing how to play blackjack, we're willing to double down on the fact that you'll probably lose your bankroll - whatever it is - in under three minutes. Online though? Take your time. Unlike live casinos across Canada, online casinos let you play for free. You can test out games, learn the rules, and get used to the software - without having to throw any real cash on the table. When you're comfortable, you can play for real and try your luck at winning.

  9. Understand the gambler's fallacy

    Too many online casino gamblers in Canada fall victim to the gambler's fallacy. After a string of losses, a lot of gamblers think that they're due for a win. They basically assume that the randomness they've experienced up until now will suddenly become less random because it's about time they win. So they'll keep betting. And keep losing. If you know about the gambler's fallacy, you can play more cautiously at the online casino and actually enjoy yourself.

  10. Have fun and enjoy yourself

    If your heart is racing a little too fast while you place Canadian casino games from your laptop, slow down for a second. Casino games are meant to be thrilling, but they shouldn't raise your blood pressure by too much. Online slots and table games are supposed to be fun, so relax and enjoy yourself. Remember, you can play online casino games at home, so by all means, slip into your pajamas if you want. At your casino, house rules apply - your house rules.