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Highest PayoutsSo, you're ready to play in an online casino. You've checked out the different ones around, even the best rated for entertainment factor. You've found one that accepts Canadian players, and even deposits in Canadian Dollars (bonus!) plus you've had a couple of free plays and you like the games. So all that's left is to sign-up, claim your welcome bonus and start betting with real cash right?

Before you commit to an online casino, there's one more important factor you'll want to consider, and that is the not so small matter of payout percentages. After all, if you're going to play for real money, presumably you want to see some of that returned to you when you win?

Payout percentages vary between casinos, but are rarely taken into consideration by players before jumping in. Here we explain exactly what an online casinos payout percentage means to you and why you should never ignore it. You’ll be able to:

  • Find the online casinos with highest payouts
  • Make sure you're investing your real money in a highest payout online casino
  • Not get stung by troublesome T&C's and payment discrepancies
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Why Jackpot City is ranked #1 out of 253 casinos:
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Why Spin Palace is ranked #2 out of 253 casinos:
  • One of the best payout percentages around
  • Lightning fast payout processing times
  • Many great progressive slots with huge jackpots
  • Canadian players can receive C$1000 in bonuses
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Why Ruby Fortune is ranked #3 out of 253 casinos:
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  • Site can be used in both English and French
  • Regular competitions with huge prizes
  • 100s of games including slots, roulette and video poker
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The Best Online Casinos Have the Highest Percentage Payout

Highest PercentagesIt's so straightforward when it comes to online gambling. You place your bet, you win that round, and you cash out your winnings. True? Sadly, like most things in life, online casinos just aren't so simple.

Every online casino, whether in Canada or internationally, will have a payout percentage that determines the amount that casino pays out on winnings. The higher the payout percentage the better it is for the player, as they'll see more of their winnings deposited into their account. The lower the payout percentage, the opposite, and this isn't good news, nor good practice.

Fortunately every casino online (at least every reputable one) shares their payout percentage publicly, so before you open up an account and start bank rolling your real cash, you might want to check the payout figure to make sure it's in line with what you'd expect to see from an honest, and regulated high payout percentage online casino.

The Benefits

All reputable regulated online casinos will have their payout percentage checked and audited by an independent and licenced gambling body.

The payout percentage of an online casino is established by taking the figure paid out on winnings and comparing it to the amount of bets that have been placed. Sometimes the online casino does this on an individual game basis, and sometimes this is an overall percentage total that takes every available game that casino offers for real money play into consideration.

The benefit to Canadian players in checking that the percentage payout of a casino they plan to play at is among the highest payout online casinos, is the difference between standing to win back your money, or never seeing some, or all of it again. And when you're playing for real cash you're not really in the business of giving it away.

Finding High Payout Casinos

Finding CasinosAll reputable regulated sites will have their payout percentage checked and audited by an independent and licenced gambling body. This ensures that any data they're publishing is a true representation of the payout percentage, and not just forged findings that make them appear to be a high payout percentage online casino.

The first red flag when it comes to checking out whether a highest payout online casinos payout percentage is legit is to look at where the findings came from. If the figures aren't authenticated by an independent third party, walk away. You can't trust in what you're being made to believe, and the casino may well be publishing false data to make themselves look a highest payout online casino when they're really not.

We also conduct our own checks when it comes to determining the online casinos with the highest payouts in Canada. Using our own real money, and our time, to test the payout return on real money games, to see if it's in line with the advertised payout percentage claim. If our findings don't marry up than this is cause for concern and could lead to a site being blacklisted by us for portraying themselves falsely as a highest payout online casino.

Get the Best Sign-Up Bonuses to Boot

Once you're confident in the payout percentage, and you've consulted our independent ranking of the high payout percentage online casinos, you can then move on to thinking about bonuses. This is the final hurdle in determining if a site is right for you.

Welcome or sign-up bonuses are common practise among online casinos with high payouts. They're intended as a goodwill gesture, to entice new players in and reward them for choosing their casino over the online competition.

Welcome bonuses themselves are subject to terms and conditions that you should familiarize yourself with before you commit your real cash, or you might find it's too late to back out. Particularly in the case of deposit based bonuses, where getting your money back might be more difficult than you were initially led to believe.

Our guide to the best welcome bonuses for Canadian players explores the issue of sign-up bonuses in more detail, so if you're unsure if a bonus you're being offered is legit, check to see if the casino has made it into our top rated before you open an account.

Some Final Tips

Visitors to our site often want to find out which is the online casino with the highest payouts, but the fact of the matter is that the holder of this title changes constantly because of the different games and promotions casinos offer. Instead, it's a much better idea to look for high payout casino games at reputable casinos that are known for offering fast cashouts. Any of the casinos on this page would fit that description, so you can start playing right away without driving yourself crazy trying to locate the highest paying online casino for that particular day!


Any smart gambler wants to play at casinos with the highest payouts. Operators you find on this page are not only recommended by tried and true gamblers, but will also give Canadians access to high payouts and irresistible bonus offers. Make deposits and be gifted with reload and match promotional offers. Try out the newest slot games with free spins and then refer your friends for even more cash. Be a part of something bigger by joining the members' only loyalty club. Here you will have the chance to earn bigger rewards and exclusive VIP support. Look no further than the casinos on this page for bonus offers and high payouts.

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Blacklisted Canadian Casinos
It's not something we like to do, but from time to time we have to blacklist a casino. This could be for many different reasons, such as dishonest practices or poor customer service, and we advise players to avoid any sites that are a part of this list.
Slots of Vegas
Failure to pay players
Poor customer service
Prism Casino
Spamming Players
False Advertising
Cool Cat Casino
Rigged Games
Payment Problems
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are payout percentages?

The payout percentage of a site is the amount of money a player can expect to receive back in the long term. So, a site with a 95% payout percentage will, on average, give players $95 back for every $100 they spend. This figure is also sometimes referred to as the RTP (Return to Player).

How long do payouts take?

This really varies between sites, however most good sites will process your withdrawal request within a couple of days. Of course, the specific payment method used might have its own processing time as well though.

Why is the nominated payment method important?

Your nominated payment method is important, because it has already been checked and is therefore ready to go - meaning that withdrawals using this method are usually quicker. Using a different method will often necessitate extra checks before the payment is released.

Does the withdrawal size affect payout times?

Yes, it certainly does. This is because, quite understandably, casinos have to be vigilant when paying out large sums of money. So, if your withdrawal is in the thousands, expect the casino online to be more thorough when it comes to authorizing the withdrawal.

What's the least that can be withdrawn?

This really varies from casino to casino, however the majority stipulate that a player must withdraw at least $10 per transaction. The amount also varies depending on the withdrawal method, with methods like bank transfer and Neteller usually having the lowest limits.

Which casinos offer the best payouts?

The three casinos with the best payout percentages for players are Jackpot City, Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune. You can read reviews about all three here on this site.