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Best Soccer Sites

Soccer is a worldwide sporting phenomenon, attracting billions of viewers each year, and with it, millions of bets as well thanks to the blooming world of sports betting. Soccer betting in Canada is continuing to grow in popularity, with more soccer gambling sites cropping up every day.

You may be hesitant to start soccer gambling online, as you are spoiled for choice. But fear not, we’ve done the homework, put in the time, and found the best soccer gambling sites for Canadian gamblers. Choosing one of our recommendations also ensures:

  • Safe and secure payout and deposit options
  • Plenty of bonuses and free bets to boost your bankroll
  • Sports betting in Canadian Dollars

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The Premier League is England’s biggest league, featuring 20 teams made up of players from all around the world, and regularly showcases incredible football talent. There are 380 games in a Premier League season, giving you as the better plenty of opportunity to make some great cash.

Soccer – the beautiful game

Although soccer is perhaps not as popular in North America as it is elsewhere, it has not stopped people from around the world in joining the craze. Soccer supporters are known for being die-hard fans, although not many put their sporting knowledge to good use.

Some of the bigger leagues include the Champions League and the Premier League, which has millions of fans from around the world tuning in to watch their favourite teams play.

It comes as no surprise than that betting on the premier league and other tournaments can be an extremely profitable past time for those that are up to date.

The UEFA Champions League is the biggest European clash, with teams from all around Europe playing for the coveted trophy. With knockout rounds, a group stage and a final knockout phase, the Champions League is a bettor's paradise, with plenty of matches and opportunities to earn huge money.

What makes a good soccer betting site?

Choosing from one of our recommended casinos will always be a safe bet, but should you choose to venture into the world of online casinos yourself, there are a few things you can check to see if a casino is trustworthy or not.

Often the biggest factor is speed of payout. If a casino is quick to pay out your winnings, this is often a good sign that the casino can be trusted. This is not the only factor however, as soccer odds can also play a role.

Just because a casino looks enticing, a closer look at the EPL odds and Premier League odds may soon tell a different story. Make sure that the casino you choose has the best odds you can get, otherwise it may be hard to make a profit even if you win.

Your guide to soccer betting

Soccer Guide

Betting on the Champions League and other soccer tournaments can be thrilling in itself, but if you want to make sure you actually make a profit, it’s soccer betting explained, even if simply.

As mentioned, Champions league betting odds may differ from casino to casino, so make sure to find the best odds you can before placing your Champions League bet.

It is also good to realize that betting on the side that is guaranteed to win may not always be the best bet. Champions League betting lines offer various odds for example, so it may be better to do a different type of bet than just betting on the winner.

Get to know your betting lines

Since the bets and potential earnings differ in the various types of bets, it is always best to know the type of bet you’re making, and your chances of winning. Here are a few types of bets you will find for soccer in general:

  • Money Lines – the most basic of sports bet, the money line wager is a bet on who you think will win a certain match. If your team wins, you win too. It’s that simple.
  • Over/Unders – Also known as totals, this type of bet has you guessing the total goals scored in a game. The bookmakers will choose and estimate and you bet above or below that line.
  • Points Spread – Slightly more complex than the win bet, the points spread bet involves not only betting who will win, but also how much they will win by and the score difference between the two teams.
  • Parlays – Parlays are accumulators, in that it is a series of bets that has you winning big at the end should you get all the bets right.
  • Futures – This is the long-haul bet, and will have you betting on a winning team right at the start of a league. If you’re looking for quick wins, this is definitely not for you.
  • Props – short for proposition bet, props are often not about the outcome of a game, but rather the dealings within the game itself. Who scored first? How long did the first goal take? When was the first corner? These are all props bets.

Money Line bets are the most popular, but if you are looking to make some serious cash, it may be better to make use of parlays, which can earn you some serious payout. Generally, since props bets can be very random, it is advised to only do these bets for fun, since the chance of winning is very low.

The bigger tournaments will offer bigger odds, so the Champions League betting odds and premier league betting 2024 will be your best bets if you want to rake in the money .

Make bets while one or off the field

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone and mobile devices it is now easier than ever to gamble no matter where you are in the world. As long as you’re armed with a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you are ready to rumble.

Android phones have a variety of soccer betting apps available to them, while both Android and iPhone users can make use of their mobile browser to get to their favourite gambling establishment and make some bets. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse to miss out on Premier League betting promotions and Champions League betting offers, as you can get them from the palm of your hand.

Get the most out of free bets and promotions

If you want to become a Champions League odds winner, one of the best things you can do is make use of as many free bets and promotions as you can. These not only extend your bank roll, but also offer even more chance to get yourself into the profit while betting on your favourite sport.

Risk-free betting is another great promotion that features regularly, and offers you the chance to not lose your money should your bet not work out. These offers are great to make some risky bets, as the turnover in profit can be huge if your team pulls through for you.

Many casinos will also offer enhanced odds on certain matches as a signup bonus or promotion, so make sure to watch out for those as they offer the chance to win big.

Score and win with soccer betting today!

Betting on soccer in Canada has never been easier, and since we’ve done all the work for you, there is simply no reason to choose from one of our recommended casinos and start making money betting on soccer. What are you waiting for? Be the Champions League odds winner you’ve always wanted to be and get started today!


Where can I bet on soccer games?

Choose from any of our recommended casinos to find the latest fixtures so you can start placing your bets.

What is spread betting in soccer?

Spread betting, or points spread, is a bet where you not only bet on the winner, but bet exactly how much that side will win by. In essence it is a money line bet where you bet the winner and the score of the match.

How do money line bets work in soccer?

These are your simplest sporting bets, and it is simply choosing the winner and loser of a particular match. It’s that simple.

What is an outright bet in soccer?

Also known as futures in some games, an outright bet is a bet on the outcome of an entire league or competition before the competition actually starts. They often have huge returns should you get it right, as it is often a long-shot guess as to who will win.

Can I get free bets for soccer games?

Absolutely! As with any sports betting, the opportunity to get free bets and other promotions is always there if you gamble at the right place.