Best MLB betting sites (2024)

Best MLB Sites

Baseball and the MLB continue to be the one of the most popular sports in North America, with plenty of chance for gamblers out there to make the most out of their sporting knowledge.

Placing a bet on baseball games online has never been easier, and we’ve done the homework to find the best sites for Canadian gamblers to do some online betting. Choosing from one of our recommended online gambling establishments will guarantee:

  • Safe and secure payout and deposit options
  • Up to date fixtures and results
  • 24/7 support in the language of your choice.

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The World Series can be seen as baseball’s version of the Super Bowl, except this final is played out over a best-of-seven series. For gamblers, this means potentially seven games to bet on, and with some of the biggest potential earnings for those that make the right bets.

A brief look at the game of Baseball

Although other leagues exist around the world, it is Major League Baseball, or the MLB, that dominates the lime light, and provides the best home for those looking to do some good baseball betting.

The teams each have a home city and an avid fan base, such as the New York Yankees or Toronto Blue Jays, with all teams hoping to get into the final, better known as the World Series.

In terms of betting, the MLB picks and MLB odds are constantly changing, so if you want to start some betting, it pays to know some basic baseball betting picks first.

What makes a good baseball betting site?

Betting on baseball strategies exist all over the internet, but first and foremost should be the need to find a reputable casino to place your bets. Should you not choose from our recommended online casino list, then there are ways you can tell if a site is trustworthy or not.

One of the biggest tells for a trusted establishment is how quickly the casino pays out winnings, so make sure to check reviews to see if people have complained about problems getting their money out.

Odds are also an important factor, as even though a casino online may be quick to pay, their baseball betting odds may be less than ideal, which could easily get you to lose your real money.

Your guide to baseball betting

MLB Guide

Just because they’re from Canada does not mean the Toronto blue jays betting odds are always going to be the best. How to bet on baseball and win is a commonly asked question, and one that is best answered with a bit of knowledge.

Knowing your MLB betting lines and the types of bets you can make is your first step to success, as odds can often differ depending on the bet. Knowing what bets you should be placing is a big step towards success.

Baseball betting tips will also tell you that betting on a “sure win” side is perhaps not the best bet, as the odds will offer mean your rewards will be minimal. Sometimes it's better to take a risky bet on some underdog teams, as their odds offer much more reward should they actually get the win.

Know your bets

Since the bets and potential earnings differ in the various types of bets, it is always best to know the type of bet you’re making, and your chances of winning. Here are a few types of bets you will find for the MLB:

  • Money Lines – the most basic of sports bet, the money line wager is a bet on who you think will win a certain match. If your team wins, you win too. It’s that simple.
  • Over/Unders – Also known as totals, this type of bet has you guessing the total points scored in a game. The bookmakers will choose and estimate, and you bet above or below that line.
  • Points Spread – Slightly more complex than the win bet, the points spread bet involves not only betting who will win, but also how much they will win by and the score difference between the two teams.
  • Run Lines – Similar to points spread, except the spread is set at +/- 1.5, meaning a team will have to win by at least two home runs if you want to win your bet, although the odds are much better.
  • Parlays – Parlays are accumulators, in that it is a series of bets that has you winning big at the end should you get all the bets right.
  • Futures – This is the long-haul bet, and will have you betting on a winning team right at the start of a league. If you’re looking for quick wins, this is definitely not for you.
  • Props – short for proposition bet, props are often not about the outcome of a game, but rather the dealings within the game itself. Who got the first strike-out? Who scored the first home run? These are the kind of bets you will see as prop bets.

Money Line bets are the most popular, but if you are looking to make some serious cash, it may be better to make use of run line bets and parlays, which can earn you some serious payout. Generally, since props bets can be very random, it is advised to only do these bets for fun, since the chance of winning is very low.

Get betting from anywhere!

If you happen to be on the pitch yourself or at the game, don’t worry, as thanks to the wonders of mobile technology, you can now place bets from anywhere on your mobile device.

Be it Android, iPhone or tablet, all work at our recommended casinos so long as you have some sort of internet connection. It has never been easier to gamble with your real cash.

Free bets and promotions aplenty

As with any sports betting, it is always best to make use of the regular promotions available to you, as it can go a long way in extending your money. Many sites offer free bets, which give you the chance to earn some extra cash should you bet smartly.

There is also often risk-free promotions, which will not have you lose your money should you lose the bet, so you can put your mind at ease while taking a few risky bets.

Many casinos will also offer some enhanced odds on matches once you sign up to their casino, and should be taken advantage of as often as possible for those potential big cash wins.

Hit some home run bets today!

It has never been easier to hit some home runs on the betting field and to start your journey as a successful baseball better. Simply check out our recommended casinos and choose your preferred place to start gambling today!


How do I bet on baseball online?

Choose from any of our recommended casinos to start winning quickly and easily.

What is an action bet in baseball?

An Action bet will go through no matter what pitchers start for both teams. Should you bet the listed option instead, the bet will be cancelled should the pitchers change prior to the game.

How do baseball run line bets work?

Run Lines are similar to puck lines in hockey, in that it is a variant of the points spread bet, except with the spread always set at + or - 1.5. This means in general the team will have to win by two home runs if you want to win your bet.

How do I read an over/under bet in baseball?

The over/under bet in baseball is simply how many runs will be scored by both teams during the game. The bookmaker will set a number, and you will have to bet over or under that average depending how you feel the game will go.

Are there free bets for baseball betting?

Yes! As with all sports betting, there are always some free bets available if you gamble at the right places.