Best golf betting sites 2024

Best Golf Sites

Canada is no stranger to the gentleman’s game, as golfing has become a worldwide sporting phenomenon. With tournaments constantly happening around the world, there is always bets to be made and money to be gained thanks to golf.

Choosing a casino online to place your bets can be difficult, but luckily we have done the work, put in the time and come out with the best recommendations around for Canadian gamblers. Choosing one of our online casino recommendations ensures:

  • Safe and secure payout and deposit options
  • Up to date fixtures and software for safety and security
  • Sports betting in Canadian Dollars

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The US Open is one of the biggest golfing tournaments in the world, and is held in the height of American Summer every year. Boasted as one of the oldest tournaments in the world, with 117 championships to its name, it’s no surprise that for golfing betters, some of the best odds can be found at this prestigious tournament.

A brief look at golfing

The golfing world is vast, with North America being home to some of the biggest tournaments in the world, such as the US Masters and the US Open. The PGA has almost weekly tournaments, meaning no matter what time of year, you can always place a few bets on your favourite game.

Since most professional golfing tournaments take place over the course of a week, there are almost assured daily bets depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Some prefer to stick to the major tournaments, as these often have the better odds for some real cash wins.

Canada is home to some great golfers themselves, such as Mike Weir, with eight career wins on the PGA, so it’s no surprise that Canadians want to bet on golf too.

The US Masters is one of the four major championships on the professional golfing calendar, and has top players from around the world come to compete for the coveted green jacket. For betters, the US Masters provides some great odds and potentially huge earnings, so is always a must watch for golfing betters looking to make some serious cash.

What makes a good golf betting site?

Knowing what to look for when you choose your online casino is very important, as it is your real money at play. Always looks for establishments known for fast and quick payouts and withdrawals, as this is often the first sign of a trusted establishment.

It is always worth looking through the odds too. Although some sites may be enticing, when you compare their odds to other casinos you may find other casinos offer way better odds, which means better payouts at the end of the day.

If you don’t want to fret, simply choose from one of our recommended casinos, as we have strict rules a casino must comply with in order to get onto our recommendation list, meaning we’ve done the homework for you.

Your guide to betting on golf

Golf Guide

If you’ve wanted some US Masters betting tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place, as we have a few pointers that may help you on the path to success when it come to US Masters betting offers and other golfing tournaments in general.

Any PGA betting tips should start with getting to know the players involved in the tournament before even making a bet. See who’s been doing well and who hasn’t, keep up to date on the news of potential winners, and make sure you have all the knowledge you can before the tournament even begins.

PGA Betting odds may differ from tournament to tournament, so it always worth checking out who the bookmakers think will be doing well, as this can also help make your betting decision.

Often, betting on the winner may not even be your best course of action, depending on how the tournament goes, as the odds may be better elsewhere to pick up the big wins.

Knowing your bets

Since the bets and potential earnings differ in the various types of bets, it is always best to know the type of bet you’re making, and your chances of winning. Here are a few types of bets you will find in the golfing world:

  • To Win bets – Much like it implies, to win bets are betting on a particular golfer to win a round or tournament.
  • Versus the Field bets – This kind of bet tends to happen later in the tournament, once a particular person pulls ahead of the pack. Your wager is if anyone else will be able to catch up and win the tournament.
  • Head to Head matchups – head to head matchups will have your bookmaker choose two golfers. You simply have to guess which one will beat the other one.
  • Futures – This is the long-haul bet, and will have you betting on a winning golfer before the tournament even begins. Since this is a tough prediction, the odds are usually pretty good.
  • Props – short for proposition bet, props are bets on whether or not something will take place in a round or tournament, such as a hole in one, or how many birdies will feature on a particular hole.
  • Live/In-Play Betting – This is what is says on the tin, in that you can watch your favourite golfer and bet live as he goes hole by hole. This often makes for some fast paced betting action for those looking for a thrill.

Although live betting has become more popular, the other types of bets may be more suitable to those not wanting the fast paced action. If you want big payouts, futures and versus the field bets may be more to your liking, although the odds of actually winning are decidedly lower.

When it comes to the Open and golf betting odds, always make sure to check out a few online casinos before making your choice, as you never know where the best odds may be hiding.

Make your bets while on the fairway

Whether you’re watching from home or are currently on the fairway yourself, there is always the power to make bets thanks to smartphones and mobile technology. For both android and iPhone users, there are premium mobile online betting establishments where you can place your bets while on the go.

A lot of online casinos now have mobile apps you can download, otherwise you can always go through your phone's browser to access your favourite online casinos. Choosing from one of our recommended online gambling establishments will ensure a premium mobile experience, no matter what hole you’re playing.

Free bets and promotions to boost your bankroll

As with any sports betting, if you want to see your bankroll go the distance, you need to make use of the promotions and offers available to you. Free bets is quite a common practice, giving you the chance to earn some extra cash without the fear of losing the money.

Risk free betting promotions are always helpful as well, and when signing up, make sure to look out for some enhanced odds on your bets, which may further boost your rewards.

Money back specials are always on offer, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the best PGA betting odds.

Stop swinging and get betting!

The PGA betting lines are already open and waiting for you to place a bet, and there are plenty of useful US Masters betting guides and US Open betting tips that can go a long way to build your knowledge and confidence as a sporting gambler.

Choose from one of our recommended casinos and get open betting odds that can earn you some serious real money, so stop worrying and get betting today!


What types of bet can I make on golf?

To win bets, versus the field bets, head to head matchups, futures, props and live betting are all available while watching golf.

How does 3 ball golf betting work?

A 3 ball bet is a bet on a specific group of players going through the tournament, and which of those players will win each hole or round.

What is an 'each way bet' in golf?

In golf, an each way bet is essentially two bets, one bet to win and one on the place. It usually pays out for the top six to eight players.

How can I bet on the PGA championship?

Choose from one of our recommended establishments to find the best places to bet on the PGA championship.

Where can I find odds for the US open?

The Open championship betting is available on multiple websites, so it is best to check out the odds on various casinos and see which ones are best.